Week 1 off to a great start

It’s the first full week of camp, and everyone is settling into the Timanous groove. Each morning and afternoon, campers get to sign up for the activity of their choice. In addition to individual awards, many campers have started to check off items on their land or water Jester award, which requires boys to demonstrate proficiency across a variety of activities. A few older campers are even going for their Land Wizard award, which takes even more skill and hard work to achieve.

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As mentioned in yesterday’s post, several cabins have now left on their cabin camping trips. They’re getting to push their personal boundaries with canoeing, hiking, pitching and sleeping in tents, and cooking their own meals, and no doubt will show growth because of it. We can’t wait to hear the stories and see the pictures when they get back.

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Precision work in the woodshop

One of the things we have to do when so many campers are out on trips exploring different parts of Maine is consolidate tables in the Barn for meals. The silver lining is that we get to meet new friends by sitting at different tables. As always, each table has campers of all ages, and sitting next to someone is one of the best ways to learn names and hear about different camp experiences.

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Campers eagerly await their name to be called

After lunch today, our first load of clean laundry came back. So far, campers have been pretty spotless for personal inspection each morning, and this should help keep that trend going. Cabin inspection has also improved of late, as campers are getting used to making their beds (and keeping them made throughout the day!), hanging wet clothes on the line (and not on the floor), and keeping the floors swept.

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Getting ready to sail around the cove

There’s a soft summer rain falling outside, and a group of campers can be heard playing games in the Barn. Other sounds of camp going on as usual can be heard all around. Anticipation is already building for full-camp activities like capture the flag, which is a comforting thought for how much the summer still holds in store.
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June 25th, 2019

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