Wednesday, August 1

The day started out great with temps in the mid-60s when the first bell rang and reaching the low 80s by lunch time.  At some point during the afternoon, both the humidity and the temperature dropped.  

We had a buffet breakfast which started at 8 and ended at 8:45 so anyone who wanted to sleep a little longer could.  Then it was a normal morning with instructional swim and activities.   Choices included beginner’s waterskiing, tennis, basketball, woodshop, sailing, riflery, paddle boarding, talent show practice, soccer, the climbing wall and archery. 

During the after lunch announcements, it was revealed that Capture the Flag was on the schedule and the barn erupted with excitement and cheers!!  Campers and counselors used Quiet Hour to get ready, dressing in their teams color.   As always, the games were action packed with lots of running, jumping, and yelling.  They managed to get three games in  before everyone shook hands and headed to swim. 

Activities open during free time included archery, soccer, handicrafts, riflery, sailing (racing practice), woodshop, tennis, talent show practice, basketball, gaga ball, ping-pong, and spike ball.   There were some light showers at the beginning and a more steady rain as it got closer to dinner.   

Wednesday is Jimmy Buffet which normally means  going through the buffet in the barn and then going outside to eat but because of the rain, most people ate inside although a few brave souls found some dry places to eat outside.   The rain continued so after dinner, everyone went to the hall for a movie montage.   It was still raining when everyone headed back to their cabins and is going to be a great night for sleeping!    

August 1st, 2018

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