Under the stars

While sleeping in a wooden cabin with no electricity is certainly rustic, it still can’t compete with a camping trip for really feeling like you’re sleeping under the stars. For our second session campers who weren’t here for the first half cabin trips, we sent out expeditions near and far so that anyone interested could have that experience, which for many boys is a highlight of the summer.

Two groups of lower bunkliners went by land and by sea to spots along the shores of Panther Pond. The Hawthorne Point canoe trip set out in one of our famed war canoes across the lake, and campers spent a fun-filled afternoon playing on the beach at the bottom of their campsite. Another set off from camp to make the long trek all the way down the bunkline past Crows to set up tents on Crows Point. While there were different campers and counselors at each site, the scenes must have looked very similar: cooking on an open fire, roasting marshmallows, telling stories, and looking up to the stars before heading into the tent for bed.

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Paddling on the sparkling lake

A group of upper bunkliners went further afield for a two-night trip to the Rangeley Lakes, where they conquered a mountain peak and cooled off under a cold waterfall. As campers move up to the older cabins, they get the opportunity to take on these tougher challenges. Of the many rewards, the chance to go to the more remote places in Maine allows a closeness to nature that is just something special. Sharing this experience with a group of camp friends makes it even more so.

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The coolest swimming hole

You didn’t have to be on a trip this week to get the starry view. This past Tuesday we had our Timanous stargazing night, where a dozen campers got to stay up past their normal bedtime and watch the night sky appear. They were up on the field staring up at the colors turning from light to dark blue, fading to grey and finally black, where they experienced the glory of starry skies (as we say in the Timanous prayer every Sunday). They were also treated to bats flying across the open spaces and the reflection of heat lightning on the horizon.

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A calm evening before a starry night

All of our camping trips have come and gone, and it’s about time too, as there is just under a week to go in the summer of 2019. It feels good to have everyone back in camp for the home stretch. We just wrapped up our annual talent show, and there are several more special activities in store before the final Banquet day. Here’s hoping for a few more starry nights, too.


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August 1st, 2019

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