Twilight League in full swing

Yesterday, since several cabins were still out on their camping trips, there was an “exhibition” game in Twilight League (the informal post-dinner softball games all boys participate in). The evening was especially nice, so anyone who wanted to play softball divvied up into impromptu teams and had a blast playing a game simply for the fun of it.
The way the sun was setting and playing on the pine trees surrounding the field, with the sound of boys laughing and being joyful and carefree… it was just a great end to the day.
Now that the Crows, Ravens, and Falcons have returned from trips, there’s a game that will count in the official League standings currently underway. But that same evening light is filtering through the trees, and win, lose or draw, everyone will shake hands and cheer for the other team.
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Putting the ball in play

We also had our first Jimmy Buffet of the season, where a talented group of counselors-turned-chefs puts on a buffet dinner with creative concoctions for the whole camp. After gathering items of their choosing, campers sat down in groups large and small all around the Barn. You were lucky if you scored a seat at the prime hilltop spot overlooking the lake to enjoy your meal.

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Not a bad spot

While life in camp at Timanous rolls on, campers out on their cabin trips are having some pretty amazing experiences you just can’t get any other way. We’re still collecting photos from all the trip cameras, but here are a few gems just in from the Ravens canoe trip to Umbagog Lake. We’ll share some stories in future posts as well to give a glimpse into these amazing trips, but of course there are some things you just have to go and do yourself to really know. The Ravens campers, and all the other boys who have gone out on their trips, are lucky to now know for themselves.

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Check out all the photos from the Ravens trip, and lots from the last few days, on our Shutterfly site.

June 27th, 2019

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