Tuesday, July 3

Today was another hot summer day with a high of 91.

It was a little quieter than normal at breakfast with the Crogles and Herons out on trips.  Both cabins returned mid-morning and reported having fantastic trips with great food, lots of swimming and a perfect night for camping out.  

It was a regular morning, with the upper bunkline going to swim first and activity second – the lower bunkline just the reverse.  Activities to sign up for included archery, running, nature, riflery, sailing, woodshop, and tennis.

This afternoon, there was a 15 & under soccer game at a neighboring camp — all of the players went immediately for a dip when they returned. Sign up activities included kayaking, paddleboard, archery, riflery, sailing, woodshop, riflery,  tennis and nature which included using sprinklers.   At the beginning of free time, relatives from our sister camp, Wohelo arrived.  With their Timanous relatives, they joined in our freetime activities which included riflery, archery, sailing, woodshop, tennis, ping-pong, and watching England and Columbia in the World Cup Game.  Main Dock was also open for dips for anyone who wanted to cool off.  Wohelo relatives stayed for a buffet dinner and a bit of the free evening before saying good bye.   There was a TwiLight league game between the Cucumbers and Boogie Monsters.  For anyone not playing, there was lots to do including all of the field games, canoeing and boating, board games, fishing, etc.   When the bell rang at 7:45, everyone headed for a evening dip which is the perfect ending to a summer day!  Looks like the next two days are going to be hot also!  

July 3rd, 2018

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