Thursday, August 2

The rain ended somewhere in the night and today was a hot summer day with a high of 88!  

A group of sailors left right after breakfast to attend a regatta on Moose Pond.  The winds picked up later in the day making for some  really challenging sailing.

At camp, activities this morning included a biathlon where participants swam and ran.  There was an upper and a lower bunkline division.  For everyone participating in the talent show coming up this weekend, there was a practice during the first period.  Other activities to sign up for included archery, handicrafts, nature, riflery, sailing, woodshop, and regular waterskiing.  

This afternoon was the annual Timanous Touch Football League Tournament (TTFL).  It was voluntary but about 3/4 of the camp participated. There was a lot of action and good sportsmanship and everyone seemed to be having a blast.  As it was very hot on the field, the dips after playing felt awesome.   Activities for campers not participating in TTFL included paddle boarding, tennis, woodshop, sailing, riflery, handicrafts, and archery.  TTFL continued during Free Time but many teams had been eliminated.  All of the earlier afternoon activities were available and additions included soccer, tennis, basketball, badminton, gaga ball, ping-pong, board games and dips at Main Dock. 

It was a perfect night for a Free Evening as the temperature was still in the 80s!   There was a TwiLight League game plus bocce ball, soccer, ultimate frisbee,  ping-pong, board games, tennis, basketball, badminton, etc.  and when the bell rang at 7:45, DIPS before getting ready for bed!  

August 2nd, 2018

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