The Wooded Path

The summer is flowing now. We’ve had a couple of bluebird sunny days up into the 80s (with evening dips to cool off before bed), and looks like several more are headed our way. While we did have a thunderstorm roll through on Sunday afternoon, it was a beautiful morning for chapel, where Kasey Suitor gave a heartfelt talk about embracing change with a positive spirit. She even invited others to think about changes that they might be going through, and campers and counselors bravely stood up to share their stories.

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Thoughtful campers and tall pine trees

The sun came back out after dinner, but with the deluge of rain earlier we had council fire in the Hall. It was the second night in a row we all gathered there, since Saturday night’s post-cookouts activity was singing camp songs. Jason LeVasseur and a few other musically talented counselors helped to teach new campers (and refresh veterans) old standbys like “O Wohelo” and “Where Old Sebago’s Waters.” Of course, the most popular number of the night was “The Would Be Camper,” where you sing each chorus faster and faster until you can barely keep up with the words by the end. The night wrapped with “The Weight” by The Band, with refrains of “put the load right on me” seeming to bring the group closer together as the song went on.

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“Take a load off Fanny”

We’ll end our post today with a special guest writer: Ethan, from Herons cabin. He recently submitted an article to the Timanews (our camper-written newspaper) that beautifully captured what it’s like to walk the bunkline, and was happy to have it shared with the broader Timanous family.

The Wooded Path

The wooded path, the same path that hundreds of campers have walked each summer. The path you walk each morning when wondering what adventures await you that day. The rocks crunch under your feet with each step, the leaves rustle in the background. You hear all kinds of birds singing to each other, while you feel the sun flickering through the trees. Some say it’s the most peaceful place at Timanous. The next time you walk down the bunkline make sure to notice and appreciate the beauty in the wooded path.

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Walking the wooded path

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Picture perfect for evening dips


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July 2nd, 2019

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