The nature all around us

On recent days at Timanous, you’d likely come across a medium-sized group of boys wandering this way and that, eyes up to the trees, all listening to our Nature counselor explain the different bird songs filtering down from the branches. It was impressive that these campers were being respectful of not only their counselor and each other, but also of the natural world around them.

This past Saturday, we even had seven early risers get up an hour before the 7:15am first bell to take part in the annual Loon Count in Maine, where over 1,000 volunteers from all over the state scan the lake shores for loons (there are similar counts in NH and VT, too). It was a beautiful, sunny morning with glassy water, which was a nice reward for the early wakeup time. If you’re interested in learning more about the Loon Count, check out this page from Maine Audubon.

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Learning about the tall pine trees

On Sunday evening to close out Council Fire, Garth spoke about how we live a rustic life here at Timanous, which includes not having air conditioning even on the hottest days. It was a good time to reflect on how our time at camp shows us that we can have a lighter impact on our planet, use less, and often times gain more, whether it’s time splashing around at Beginners Beach with friends or walking the wooded path under the shade of the tall pine trees. Earlier in the day, we gathered under the shade of the pines for Chapel, and the slight breeze on the top of the hill added to the comfort. Will Buckley gave a moving talk about how to show love openly for those that you care about.

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Another moving chapel talk

It wasn’t all quiet and reflection, and the fun times at camp continued. We played a surprise game of Capture the Flag after cabin cookouts, and all of the new second session campers got their first taste of why C-Flag is such a popular activity. Various intra- and inter-camp sports tournaments are happening, from soccer to basketball to ping pong. We even threw a period of darts into the mix earlier today! And, the second half trips continue with the 5-day and kayaking trips going out.

The hot streak finally broke yesterday with a cool summer rain, so we had our first movie night of the summer, and watched a classic: The Sandlot. The rain continued throughout the night and made for some sound sleeping all the way down the bunkline. Rain, clouds, or golden-red sunsets, the evenings at Timanous are always restful after full days of life at camp.

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A peaceful end to another lively day at camp


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July 23rd, 2019

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