Sunday morning was a late sleep.  After breakfast, it was back to the cabin for a longer cabin cleanup which includes changing the sheets and writing the mandatory Sunday letter!   Then off to chapel which was led by Jimmy Poulin who gave a great talk on being grateful and taking the time to appreciate what you have.

During Quiet Hour, the Head Counselors challenged the Seniors and Juniors to a soccer game. Campers who wanted to cheer on their counselors came to the field to watch.   When the bell rang at 2:30 to mark the beginning of activities, two groups headed to Wohelo for Sunday sailing and tennis.

At camp, it was a regular Sunday afternoon schedule  – choices included archery, canoeing, climbing wall, 12 & under soccer practice, handicrafts, kayaking, nature, riflery, sailing, 13 & under baseball practice, tennis and the annual T-hoops (basketball) tournament.  There was of course also swimming which felt great as it was a warm afternoon.

Followed by dinner, flag lowering and then Council Fire.

This morning, we woke to overcast skies.  The prediction was for off and on showers all day but we actually had only a few brief showers in the early afternoon.

During breakfast, a group of soccer players left to travel to a neighboring camp for a soccer tournament – they came back to camp for lunch but returned in the afternoon to play again and will go back again tomorrow morning.
Six-A-Side Soccer Team

Morning activities included beginner and regular water skiing, tennis, woodshop, sailing, riflery, nature, handicrafts and archery.  Everyone brought their laundry up on their way to lunch.

At the end of quiet hour, a 13 & under basketball team and an 11 & under soccer team left for two different neighboring camps.

During the first two activity periods, campers could chose between woodshop, sailing, riflery, paddle boarding, handicrafts, games in the hall and archery.   During Free Time, the Timanous T-Hoops continued with a very exciting final game.  There was also water polo, woodshop, riflery, handicrafts, soccer, riflery and more games in the hall.

At dinner, the Crows performed their “song” before going to Wohelo for Wohelo’s Council Fire where they performed again.   During dinner, it was announced that  due to a problem in the kitchen, there would be no dessert tonight so the campers were really surprised when they went outside and saw the ice cream truck!   The line moved quickly and everyone got an ice cream treat before heading off to the hall for a movie.

August 1st, 2016

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