Sunday, July 8

It was another cool evening — perfect for sleeping and another perfect summer day with a high of 83, very little humidity, barely a cloud in the sky and a great breeze for sailing!

We had a busy morning so even though it was Sunday, there was no late sleep.   The bell rang at 7:15 and everyone was up right away (many still took time for a dip) and dressed in their Sunday dress uniform.  Then it was up to the barn area for the official cabin pictures as well as our first session all camp picture before breakfast.  After breakfast (which included the usual cereal course of both hot and cold cereals, yogurt, fruit, toast followed by scrambled eggs and bacon), it was down to the cabin to quickly change sheets and then back up to the barn area where everyone loaded into buses and vans to make the trip to Wohelo, our sister camp for Hiiteni and Timanous Sunday, an annual celebration of the camps’ founders.  All three camps (Sebago Wohelo, Little Wohelo and Timanous) participated.  The camps all sing camp songs and hear camp history.  There was time before and after we  gathered to visit with friends and relatives and/or look around Wohelo. Then it was back on the buses and back to Timanous for lunch.

This afternoon,  two groups went back to Wohelo for archery and tennis at Little Wo.  Three groups of Wohelo campers came  here for Sunday sailing, soccer and tennis.   For everyone else, it was a regular Sunday afternoon which is free time/swim/free time  and  activities available during the free times included archery, learning to set up tents in campcraft, riflery, climbing wall, handicrafts, kayaking, paddle boarding, ultimate frisbee, water skiing, canoeing and boating, soccer, sailing, basketball, tennis, board games, badminton and ping-pong.    Dinner was at 6 followed by flag lowering and our Sunday Council Fire, after which everyone heads to their cabin for cabin meetings and to get ready for bed.   Very hard to believe there is less than a week in the first session!  

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Sunday Sailing



July 8th, 2018

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