Sunday, July 29

A perfect summer day from start to finish – sunny, warm with a breeze – high of 80 degrees.   First bell was a 7:15.  As soon as people were up and dressed, they came up to the barn area with their cabin to have their cabin picture taken and then we did an all camp photo.   We hope to be able to post them later this week. 

The rest of the morning was a normal Sunday morning with a longer cabin clean up which includes time to change sheets and write a letter home.  Then off to chapel where Pat Hayes spoke on the benefits of remaining young at heart. 

After lunch and during Quiet Hour there was a very competitive soccer game between the Head Counselors and the Seniors & Juniors with the later winning.  The campers had the option of going to their cabin for Quiet Hour or going up to the field to watch the game.

The afternoon schedule was Free Time, Swim, Free Time.   At the beginning of the first Free Time, four groups left for Wohelo  – tennis at Little Wo, tennis at Big Wo, archery at Little Wo and sailing at Big Wo and a group of Wohelo campers game here to play soccer.  

For those not playing in the soccer game or going to Wohelo, in the first Free Time, there was a choice of riflery, archery, climbing wall, handicrafts, nature, sailing, tennis, basketball and waterskiing.  Campers had the choice of swimming at Main Dock or Beginners for Free Swim and of course the Crows were at Crows dock.  In the second free time, paddleboard and canoeing and boating were added to the other activites.   Of course board games and ping-pong are always available during Free Time.

Tonight was a perfect night for an outside Council Fire which was especially appreciated as last week, due to rain, we had to be inside.   During the ceremony, there was an owl, very close to our gathering making an awesome “hooting” sound.  

July 29th, 2018

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