The essence of Timanous is reflected in the quality of its people.  Timanous hallmarks are the sincere interest of its counselors in the campers as individuals, the air of mutual respect between boys and counselors, the dissatisfaction with any cheapness of word or action, ethical conduct based upon high standards where the individual is taught pride in and loyalty to a fine organization, and responsibility for its future. This unusual commitment is a clear indication of the Timanous spirit, which reflects a sense of continuity. The counselors are strong leaders, each carefully selected for enthusiasm, maturity, and skills. Averaging over 10 years at camp, 90% were themselves Timanous campers and with 14 teachers on the staff, the boys are assured of mature and enlightened guidance. The highest standard of leadership by example is a cardinal principle in our choice of counselors. Only a small percentage of our staff is new each season, for we believe that continuity of leadership is important. A Head, a Senior, a Junior Counselor, and ten or eleven campers make up the usual cabin complement. With a ratio of campers to counselors approximating three to one, we are able to furnish the supervision parents appreciate and provide a flexible program, which accommodates individuality.

A Camp Timanous camper and counselor hanging out on the steps of Herons Cabin
A camper and two counselors outside the barn at Camp TimanousA tutoring session at Camp Timanous