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Since our last rain, we’ve had several days of sunshine and warmth, and it looks like the streak will continue through the weekend. All this beautiful weather has allowed for a few special activities to be sprinkled into our typical activity program. With all of our second half signup camping trips coming and going, it’s always a fun twist for all of the campers here on Panther Pond to try something new (especially if it only happens once or twice a summer).

A little-known spot at camp is the new garden behind the Farmhouse. Every Sunday when we line up for Council Fire across Plains Road, the entire camp looks up a short hill towards the garden, but had no reason to notice it… until yesterday! A few green-thumbed campers signed up for the activity and learned all about the history of growing food in this area, helped to weed around the cornstalks, and even sampled a few of the herbs.

IMG 2031 300x225

Don’t pull up the tall one! Only the weeds!

Back across the road, campers circled up for a yoga session. It’s been a popular thing to do during free evenings, and an impressively-sized group signed up for an activity period. The downward dog and warrior II poses might have varied a bit from person to person, but if one of the benefits of yoga is to center yourself in a peaceful state, it’s pretty hard to beat doing it while overlooking a sloping hill with tall pine trees leading down to a sparkling lake.

IMG 2027 300x225

An outdoor yoga studio

For many boys, some of the most memorable experiences at Timanous happen on camping trips, where they get to explore the mountains, lakes and rivers of Maine and New Hampshire. Photos from three of these trips barely scratch the surface of what it’s like to push yourself to try new things, reach new heights, and cook your own meal over a fire with wood you had to collect yourself.

One group camped in Grafton Notch and hiked up into the White Mountains, capped with stunning views of the rocky peaks all around. Another group whitewater kayaked, and yet another canoed for 5 days on Aziscohos Lake (photos coming soon for the 5-Day). As promised, we’ve posted photos from the Katahdin trip from last week on our Shutterfly site, and included one from the peak below.

grafton notch 300x225

The White Mountains sure look green in the summer…

kayaking 300x200

All smiles (and maybe a little nervous excitement)

katahdin 300x225

The tallest point in Maine!


Check out our Shutterfly site for all photos from the 2019 summer. Click on the “2nd Half Trips” header for all trip photos.

July 26th, 2019

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