Second session underway

Well, we’ve passed the halfway mark of the 2019 Timanous summer. While there are lots of days remaining, and many campers who just arrived that have their whole summer in front of them, the second half of camp always seems to glide by just that much faster. It’s a good time for reflection on the first three and a half weeks, and the first thought that comes to mind is appreciation for the campers who have returned home. Camp wouldn’t have been the same without them.

We did have one more game of Capture the Flag as part of an exciting sendoff week for first half campers. The Green team was able to get the flag across the line for the first score of the season. We’ll see if Gray can make a comeback in the second half. Because many boys were going home on Saturday, we held our weekly Council Fire that afternoon in order to recognize their accomplishments. No matter the day or the time, the traditional feel of Council Fire brings the camp together, and it was a wonderful way to close out the first session.

council fire 300x200

Linking arms for the last time as the first session group

During changeover weekend we had a special guest come and perform for the full time campers. Wacky Chad more than lived up to his name, and provided engaging entertainment for everyone. Among other feats, he performed a backflip on a pogo stick and tricks on a bike. No doubt his spirit will live on in a counselor skit or two later in the summer (though the imitations may not be as skilled).

wacky chad 300x225

Wacky Chad was a big hit

We were all excited to welcome the second session campers who arrived on Monday morning, both veterans and first-timers at Timanous. It was good to have the Barn and all the cabins filled with campers, as well as that nervous excitement that floats around on the first day boys arrive at camp. That afternoon, all of the new arrivals traveled as a group to various activities for orientation, so they could learn (or refresh themselves) about the opportunities ahead of them as well as the rules and procedures to do it all safely. By Tuesday morning, the entire camp was able to do activity signups, and we were right back in the swing of things.

swim orientation 300x225

Learning the ropes down at the swim docks

After dinner, we had a fitting evening activity given all of the campers who had just arrived earlier that day. The entire camp gathered on the field (displacing the typical evening frisbee game) for a variety of fun group activities to get to know each other. There was music, counselors dancing (some better than others…), ice breakers, team building games, and lots of shouting and laughter. Through it all, names and faces were learned, and campers started bonds with their cabin-mates that will only grow as the summer marches on.

IMG 4201 300x225

A fun time with everyone getting to know each other


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July 16th, 2019

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