Saturday, July 30

This morning, a group of 23 campers and 11 counselors were up early, ate breakfast and were on their way to the neighboring town of Casco  to participate in the 48th annual Casco Day Road Race.  The 4 mile race has become a tradition at camp and everyone did great with some even placing in their age groups but this was the first time we’ve had a race walker! He actually finished well before many other participants!

Back at camp, it was a somewhat relaxing morning that started with a late sleep. It was also another perfect summer day. Activities this morning included archery, softball batting practice, handicrafts, nature, riflery, sailing, tennis, waterskiing, basketball, optional instructional swim all followed by free swim.

Part way through lunch, one of the counselors made an announcement and the rest of the counselors jumped up and started running around like wild gorillas which was to announce the Granddaddy Gorilla game to be played this afternoon. Earlier in the summer, we played Junior Granddaddy Gorilla when the campers hide and the counselors look for them so this afternoon, the counselors hid and the campers looked for them.  Counselors are worth varying points depending upon their rank (Aide, Junior, Senior, Heads) and then among each group, certain counselors are worth even more points.   Points are scored for the cabins and the winners will be announced tomorrow once the scores have been tallied.


It may look like today’s mail but it’s a “Gorilla” (i.e. counselor) hiding for Grandaddy Gorilla

There was a free swim when the game ended followed by a free time where activities included sailing, paddleboard, ping-pong, riflery, archery, handicrafts, tennis, kayaking, canoeing and a very exciting T-hoops basketball tournament.

When the bell rang to mark the end of free time, everyone headed to their cabin cookout site for Saturday night cookouts. Then it was a free evening with a Twilight League Double Header and another awesome summer day ended with a short dip before bed.

July 31st, 2016

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