Saturday and Sunday

The prediction was for thunderstorms on Saturday and although it looked probable most of the day, none came and by mid-afternoon, the sky had cleared even though it remained muggy.

As with most weekend mornings, it was a late sleep so everyone was up for breakfast at 8:30. When it was announced after breakfast that the morning activity was CAPTURE THE FLAG – the barn erupted with cheers!!   So then it was back to the cabin for cabin cleanup and to get ready for the game by dressing in team colors and for some – face paint which you will see the remains of in Saturday’s pictures!

There were two very exciting games with the Grays and Greens each winning a game — hopefully there will be time for one more Capture the Flag game this week!

The afternoon was a regular Saturday afternoon with 2 sign-up periods followed by Free Time. The activities included archery, canoeing, handicrafts, paddleboard, kayaking, riflery, sailing,  tennis, soccer, tennis and swimming.  There was also a final  practice for the Music/Talent Show.

The bell rang at 5:30 and everyone returned to their cabin to prepare for Point Cookout — the final Saturday cookout which involves the entire camp going to Crows Point for a chicken barbecue.   The youngest cabin, Mallards leads the parade to the point with each cabin falling in behind.

From Point Cookout, it was off to the hall for the Music/Talent Show which was amazing!   There are a lot of talented people at camp and it was great fun to see them.   There were several original musical presentations, one by a camper who wrote and sang his song which was very well received and two by our trip counselors which were very funny.  Several campers played musical instruments (and it was obvious how much practice they have put in over the years) , one did a mashup of camp songs which was amazing, another performed a magic trick and there were two contortionists.   It was a great evening!

The air had changed by the time we woke up Sunday morning and the mugginess was gone — just a beautiful sunny summer day with a nice breeze.   It was another late sleep, breakfast and then off to cabin cleanup and writing the mandatory Sunday letter.  Michael Beam gave an awesome chapel talk which you can read by clicking on the link in the right hand column.  I hope to add the rest of this summer’s chapels in the next couple of days.

Sunday afternoon was a regular Sunday afternoon, (free time/free swim/free time) with lots of activity choices   — archery, canoeing, climbing wall, riflery, handicrafts, kayaking, nature, sailing with a racing practice, tennis, campcraft, tennis and water skiing.

After dinner, it was flag lowering and then the final Council Fire of the summer.  It was a gorgeous night as we all headed back to our cabins.


August 7th, 2016

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