The Waterfront

The water activities are centered on beautiful Panther Pond, a 1450-acre lake where we occupy the protected northern shore. Swimming takes place daily and follows the Red Cross and our own system of awards. Sailing is done on a myriad of boats including Hunter JY15s, Sunfish and Lasers. Canoeing and boating, waterskiing, tubing, fishing, and an extensive trip program are all focused on the waterfront.


Sailing is one of our most popular activities, especially on hot days when the lake is the place to be. With over ten boats in our fleet, including our fleet of Hunter JY 15s, two Sunfish, Lasers, and an O’Day, we can offer a challenge for sailors of all levels. From weekly sailing with the girls at Wohelo to the inter-camp regattas, there is plenty of opportunity to improve both racing and recreational sailing skills. Daily instruction on the sailing docks combined with a series of progressive awards allows for campers to become proficient sailors during their summer at camp.


The boat docks have a wide variety of crafts available for all campers. We have twenty canoes ranging in length from twelve feet to our newly redone twenty-four foot war canoes. Campers receive instruction in basic strokes for bow and stern, handling in rough water, and safety procedures that are necessary when participating in a canoe based camping trip. Kayaking is also a popular waterfront activity with our many kayaks getting much use throughout the summer. Daily kayaking instruction for campers of all levels focuses on the basics of maneuvering a kayak as well as safety. Also popular are our standup paddleboards and to round out our fleet we have two small red paddleboats and a couple of rowboats.


Swimming is a life-long skill, which will only improve when you are at Timanous. All campers are placed into small groups of fellow campers who are at the same swimming level so instruction is tailored to each boy’s individual ability. As boys advance, they progress through both the Red Cross System of awards as well as our own system of water awards. For campers who are interested in racing, as well as those who just enjoy competition, we participate in several swim meets against other local camps as well as an in-camp swim meet at the end of the summer. The swim docks are busy throughout the day and an evening dip is always welcome on a hot summer night. Our three swim areas cater to swimmers of all ages and abilities.


Campers of all ages and abilities have the chance to water-ski behind our two specially equipped boats. There is instruction available for those looking to learn the basics of water skiing as well as for those looking to move on to more advanced skills such as slalom skiing and wake boarding. Water skiing has become a popular sport to try at camp and many boys have progressed from beginner to advanced in just one summer.


In the evenings, many campers can be found on the dock fishing for the many bass, perch, pickerel, and other fish that can be found in Panther Pond. We have a few rods to borrow, and we sell lines and lures in the camp store for those who bring their own rods. Occasional early morning fishing trips by boat and fly-fishing lessons add to the experience for the interested and aspiring fisherman.

Big Sailboat200SAiling200sailboatb200Camp Timanous campers on a canoe trip on Lake UmbagogCamp Timanous campers in the cove Muscle Men at Camp TimanousMuscle Men at Camp TimanousCamp Timanous camper water skiing on Panther PondCamp Timanous camper water skiing on Panther PondWaterskiing200A Camp Timanous camper fishing in Panther Pond