The Camp Timanous archery range

Camp Timanous Land Activities

Most of the activities at Timanous take place on 175 private acres of fields and forest with facilities for sports, ranges for shooting, shops for woodworking and crafts, and large buildings which can accommodate the entire camp for music, drama, or other special performances. There are many other land activities not listed here but contribute to a varied experience for our campers. All activities are age appropriate and allow for an escalating system of awards, which challenge and satisfy the novice or experienced camper.


Many boys come to camp hoping to learn archery, and we are fully equipped to handle that request. With seven targets ranging from 15 to 50 yards, and bows that range from 15 to 60 pounds pull, the archery range is a challenge for archers of all levels. Awards in archery reward not only the camper’s ability to shoot accurately, but also his knowledge of the safety practices that are strictly enforced. With awards that are attainable by all campers, the archery range is a popular place where safety, focus, and accuracy are all practiced while having fun.


Our Arts and Crafts program is divided between the Woodshop and the Handi-Crafts building. Our woodshop is home to both hand and power tools with which the campers work diligently throughout the summer to complete projects ranging from simple picture frames, to more complex furniture, clocks, chessboards, boats, and the like. Instruction is provided in the woodshop to ensure safety and campers are allowed to design and build their own projects.

The Handi-Crafts building has become increasingly popular in the past years. Tie-dying, ceramics, hemping, gimping, basket-making are just a few among the popular projects.


Opportunities abound for the baseball enthusiast.   Three competitive teams, divided by age, play games against other local camps.  A fun, intramural softball league is open to all campers and plays after dinner. Instructional periods help refine techniques and practice team play.


Played on our all-weather court, basketball is a very popular activity at Camp Timanous. Nightly pick-up games, inter-camp games, and our yearly three-on-three tournament offer plenty of opportunities for competition among basketball enthusiasts. Instruction in basketball skills is offered by enthusiastic staff members whose love of the sport is passed on to their campers.


The camping program at Camp Timanous is well organized and extensive, reaching from the White Mountains of New Hampshire to Lake Aziscohos in northern Maine. Each cabin gets a chance to go on a one or two night camping trip where cabin bonding is stressed while learning the basics of camping. Older campers who are interested in campcraft have the opportunity to choose one of our many elective trips ranging in length from two nights to five nights. These trips range from mountain biking in Acadia National Park to whitewater kayaking in New Hampshire, or climbing Mt. Katahdin and new trips are introduced every year.


There are plenty of opportunities for the drama or music enthusiast to perform throughout the summer. Many campers bring their own instruments and have fun playing with their fellow campers; some have even formed bands or have played taps for the camp! While no structured lessons are available, our resident professional musician is more than willing to help boys prepare for the many talent nights that occur during the summer. In addition to talent nights, cabin skits and amateur plays offer plenty of chances for boys to express themselves.


As one of the newest, yet most popular sports at camp, our lacrosse program is developing quickly. For those looking to learn, we offer sticks and helmets so that campers can participate in daily instruction on our field. Informal pick-up games as well as more formal practices offer opportunities for players of all levels to partake in the sport.


On any given day, the Nature shack is home to frogs, fish, snakes, and many other little creatures. Instruction is provided for those who are interested in learning more about trees and animals. Because of our location in the woods, it is easy to impress upon the boys the importance of preserving and protecting the world around them. We can guarantee that any camper who has spent any time participating in the nature program will leave camp with a better appreciation and understanding of the natural world.


Our program stresses safety, respect, and discipline as a boy advances through a progressive system of riflery awards. Campers are taught to shoot .22 caliber rifles at a distance of 50 feet in four progressively difficult positions starting in prone and progressing through sitting, kneeling, and finally standing. Throughout a given summer almost 35,000 rounds of ammunition are used, making riflery one of our most popular activities.


A beautiful regulation sized soccer field gets plenty of use during the camp season. Campers have the opportunity to compete on one of several age group inter-camp teams. For those who would like to play recreationally, nightly pick-up games and scrimmages offer a learning experience for soccer enthusiasts of all ages and abilities. Anyone looking to improve their soccer skills can participate in daily instructional practices.


On any given day, the tennis courts at are teeming with activity. Instruction includes basic skills to advanced tournament play. Campers can play tennis with campers from our sister camp Wohelo, almost every weekend in an informal match style setting. For those who are interested in competing, there are many matches throughout the summer against other local camps.

Learning proper archery techniquesLearning proper archery techniquesLearning proper archery techniquesAt the Timanous archery rangeCamp Timanous Wood ShopWorking on a chess board at the Camp Timanosu wood shopA bat made in the woodshop at Camp Timanous
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