Point Cookout

One of the markers of the end of a Timanous summer is Point Cookout. Instead of typical Saturday night cabin cookouts, the whole camp marches out to Crows Point to sit down together on the pine-needle-strewn ground and share a meal. The bell rang a bit early so that everyone could get back to their cabins, and starting off with the Mallards each cabin walked in line down the bunkline singing expectantly about the delicious things they’d find at the end: “Chicken, corn and buttered buns!”

Each camper, of course, had to pass by the Crows in order to make it to the cookout spot. These oldest boys, as is tradition, sang their own song (C-R-O-W-S Crows!) on repeat until the entire line of campers passed through to the Point.

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Walking through a tunnel of mighty Crows

The line is long and sometimes painfully slow, especially as you get closer and smell the bbq sauce on the grilled chicken and fresh corn rolled in butter, but everyone patiently waited their turn, as there was plenty of food to go around (for seconds, thirds, and fourths for the particularly hungry).

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This fresh local corn was really really good!

After filling up their plates, campers picked their way over the rocks and roots while looking for the ideal place to sit. Some found flat clearings among the trees, others large boulders along the shoreline, and still others long fallen trees that acted as bench seating. A cookout for close to 200 people isn’t a quiet affair, but when everyone tucked into their food the voices quieted to a murmur.

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These guys found a nice spot to set up their chairs…

20190803 Camp Timanous Point Cookout SG 38 300x200

…but a simple log will do just fine as well.

The best part of Point Cookout is when you realize you’ve had your fill of food, but still enjoy just being out under the pine trees with all of your friends, and the rest of the camp to boot. Satisfied smiles and conversations reflecting on the day, the week, and the summer were happening all around. It’s one of those events when you don’t want to go home and time seems to stand still, with sunlight that glints off the water and filters through the leaves that you don’t see, but you feel.

20190803 Camp Timanous Point Cookout SG 66 300x200

Ending Point Cookout on a high note

Time does move on though, even at Point Cookout and even during a Camp Timanous summer. We all eventually filed back up the bunkline and to our cabins for the night, which led into Sunday and closing a chapter on the final week of the 2019 season.

Monday and Tuesday, while they were filled as usual with all the fun activities we have here and the opportunity to go for awards and hang out with friends, were also days for wrapping things up and starting to pack for home. The Banquet tent has already been put up on the field, and trunks carted up the path ready to be loaded into cars in morning.

Tomorrow will be a wonderful celebration of a wonderful summer at Timanous. But we’re not there yet. Here’s to holding onto that spirit of endless summer that you can find out on Crows Point on a Saturday evening, with the sun glinting off the water and filtering through the leaves.


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August 6th, 2019

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