Packing for Camp

The lists below are recommendations. If you have any questions, please contact us by phone (207-655-4569 or 508-485-8020) or email at Please remember to label EVERYTHING! For a printable list of the items click here.


Boys must wear a uniform at all times – the only exception being that they may wear jeans with a camp T-shirt. Our outfitter, Maine Camp Outfitters, can be reached online (click logo below) or by phone (800-560-6090). The camper login is Timanous.

Maine Camp Outfitters

The number of each item is suggested to provide them with a week’s worth of “clean” uniforms as the laundry is done once a week. The laundry goes out on Monday at lunch time and returns Tuesday at lunch time.

The boys should have a clean outfit every day and the uniform is part of the morning inspection. You know your son best. If he is not going to change his shorts everyday, send him with the number you feel is adequate.

  • 6 or 7 pairs of Timanous Shorts
    • At least one pair must be  gray camp shorts with green stripes as these shorts are required on Sundays and special occasions. Some boys prefer this style but most seem to like the B-Dry Short. The adult sizes of the B-Dry shorts have pockets which is a plus for many boys. Maine Camp Outfitters has not found a similar short with pockets in the children’s sizes.
  • 6 or 7 Timanous T-shirts
    • This can be any combination of long and short sleeve Timanous T-shirts. We would recommend mostly short sleeve shirts. At least 2 must be the “Camp Logo Cotton Shirt”
  • 1 pair of Timanous Sweatpants
    • If your son would rather wear jeans, sweatpants are not required but campers should have at least one pair of long pants
  • 1 or 2 warm Timanous tops
    • Choices include the Crew neck or Hooded Sweatshirt and the Full Zip Fleece
  • 2 Timanous Green Laundry Bags
    • Our laundry service requires all of our laundry be in an official Timanous laundry bag


Other Necessary Items

The following items are necessary accessories to the camp uniform:

  • Two pairs of pajamas
    • These can be whatever your son chooses to sleep in remembering Maine evenings can be cool
  • Bathrobe
    • Only if your son will wear a bathrobe. Many like them for trips to the shower house and/or to the swim docks
  • 7 to 10 pairs of underwear
  • 7 to 10 pairs of socks
  • Raincoat
    • This is a must as it will rain and we are outside a good part of the day rain or shine.
  • Heavy sweater or warm jacket
    • This does not replace a Timanous sweatshirt. This would be worn over the sweatshirt or fleece should it be cold
  • Jeans
    • Jeans are not mandatory but are the only “non-uniform” item that campers may wear.
  • Two pairs of sneakers
    • The second pair is in case the first gets wet, temporarily misplaced, etc as many activities require sneakers.
  • Waterproof boots or shoes
    • These are for rainy days as it is impossible to keep your feet dry on a rainy day. Many boys who have rain boots/shoes choose not to wear them even on the rainiest of days despite their counselor’s reminding so as much as we would like them to have waterproof boots or shoes, please make sure they are something your son will wear before investing in them.
  • Sandals
    • Tevia style ( a more substantial sandal with straps) is preferred over flip flops, Crocs are also fine. Flip flops although popular seem to be the cause of many toe and foot injuries at camp.
  • Flashlight
    • Many boys like the headlamp style. We sell crank hand held flashlights in the camp store.
    • If the flashlight uses batteries, rechargeable batteries are preferred and we will have them available in the camp office. Boys may trade their batteries for freshly charged batteries.
  • Toilet kit
    • Toothpaste, soap, shampoo, conditioner, nail clippers, etc.
    • The showers are all equipped with a soap dispenser which contain body soap and shampoo but many boys prefer to bring their own
  • Two bathing suits
    • Although not at all necessary, if your son swims competitively and has a special suit for competitions, he may want to bring that as a 3rd suit to wear at swim meets
  • Swim Goggles
    • These are very important for instructional swim and make it much more enjoyable so please send your son with a pair that are comfortable and have a good seal. We do sell them in the camp store but just one style.
  • Two camp laundry bags with camper’s name on the outside
    • These must be the official camp laundry bag from Maine Camp Outfitters
  • A pillow and 2 pillow cases
  • Four sheets for twin bed or cot
    • 2 of the sheets can be fitted as they are so much easier for making and keeping the beds made. The campers change their bedding on Sunday mornings.
  • Three warm blankets for single beds
    • All-wool blankets may be rented from the camp for the season
    • Boys may only sleep in their sleeping bags on camping trips but sleeping bags maybe used as a quilt on top of the bed.
  • Six or Seven small, light weight towels
    • Fast drying, light weight. Please do not send heavy beach or bath towels as they tend not to dry especially on damp days. As each campers’ laundry is done as one load, large, heavy towels often do not dry thoroughly during the process and will cause a laundry bag to be returned damp.
  • Footlocker 18″ x 14″ x 32″ (approximate)
    • This can be the traditional style found in the Maine Camp Outfitters catalog or a plastic Rubbermaid trunk which can be found at Target or Walmart. It should be sturdy as they are often used as a chair, table, and/or stepstool.
    • International campers may rent a plastic trunk from the camp
    • You do not have to ship the trunk ahead of time, unless your camper is flying or arriving on the chartered bus, though many parents choose to ship their trunk to lighten the load in the car.
  • Water bottle
    • Something that can go through the dishwasher would be great as we will be sending them through the camp dishwasher on a regular basis. Upper bunkline campers should bring 2 for their camping trip.
  • Sunblock
    • Each cabin and many activities have SPF 50 sunblock available and campers are reminded to apply it several times a day.
  • Bug Repellant
    • Both for mosquitoes and ticks, you may want to consider one with deet. We sell an all natural repellant in the camp store.


Optional Items:

The following are commonly brought to camp but are not required:

  • Sleeping bag for camping trips and/or to be used as a quilt on their bed
    • may be rented through the camp
  • Soccer cleats and shin guards*
  • Baseball Glove*
  • Tennis racquet*
  • Inexpensive fishing rod*
  • Lacrosse stick* and pads (if he has them)
  • Running Shoes
    • if your son plans on participating in our running program, a good pair if running shoes is recommended.
  • Folding camp chair
    • This should be a small, flat folding chair with no legs as seen in the Maine Camp Outfitters’s catalog Similar items can be purchased at any store that sells camping supplies (L.L. Bean, Walmart, Target, etc). These are used during performances in the hall, weekly cook-outs, camping trips, playing cards in the cabin, etc.
  • Summer reading books
  • Playing cards, Magic cards, small board games
  • Writing paper*
    • It is best to keep paper and envelopes in a sealed plastic bag or plastic box as this will keep the envelopes from sticking and the paper from rolling on damp days.
  • Acoustic Instruments

* The camp has shin guards, baseball gloves, fishing rods, lacrosse sticks, tennis racquets and writing paper for campers to use at no charge but many boys prefer to bring their own.


What Not to Bring:

The following items should not be brought to camp

  • Cell phone*
  • Ipod or other MP3 or Video players*
  • Jack knife or knife of any kind
  • Gameboys or any electronic games*
  • Any electronic
  • Food
  • Money*
    • Campers will not need money for anything at camp. Purchases made in our camp store are on the boys account and will be deducted from their incidental account. If a boy wishes to bring a small amount (max. $20) for a non-camp sponsored trip out of camp (with parents or relatives), the money should be kept in the office and can be retrieved at any time.

*For boys who arrive by plane or bus and want their iPods, cell phones, etc. for the trip, we are happy to store them in the office until the end of camp.


Shipping Trunks:

If you are shipping your son’s trunk, it is recommended that baggage be sent at least two weeks in advance by UPS or Parcel Post directly to Camp Timanous, 85 Plains Rd., Raymond, ME 04071. A trunk or “foot locker” has been found to be the most suitable container as it can be placed beside the boy’s bed and used for storage during the summer. It can be a traditional trunk or a plastic “Rubbermaid” style. All trunks being shipped home at the end of camp, are boxed by UPS before being shipped. If you are bringing your son to camp, you may bring the trunk that day.