Music and dancing bringing everyone together

This Thursday we had our first ever Culture Day, where we celebrated the many different cultures and backgrounds represented here at camp. Each meal featured cuisine from a different country. The campers who were from — or had family backgrounds from — those countries really loved having a bit of a taste of home, and everyone else had a blast trying out food they might not normally have. One of the best parts was hanging flags from the rafters, which made the whole Barn pop with color.

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Pretty cool that all of these countries are represented at camp

The day culminated in the annual Talent Show, where in addition to the normal musical, comedic and theatrical performances, several campers offered glimpses into their cultural backgrounds. One camper sang a traditional Russian folksong, another a Chinese pop song, and a pair of brothers gave an interpretive skit about Argentinian cuisine. Everyone heartily cheered for each performance in support of their fellow campers putting themselves out there in front of the spotlight. In addition to having fun and sharing a talent, for many of the boys it was an opportunity to challenge themselves and become more comfortable performing in front of their peers.

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Sing, rap and dance battle

Apparently one night of singing and dancing wasn’t enough! On Friday night, we hosted our sister camp Wohelo for our annual Timanous Dance. Because of the nice weather and the size of the group, all of the activity was outside in the open air. Prior to dinner, groups of girls and boys wandered the fields and hillsides under the pines, catching up and meeting new friends.

After a buffet dinner interspersed with frisbee tosses and guitar playing, everyone made their way to the basketball court, where the makeshift DJ booth was ready to rock. It was a really memorable evening with nervous energy and excitement in the air. While most campers danced the night away, some took to the fields for frisbee, soccer, football, or just lounging while listening to the music roll down the hillside.

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Oh what a night

As if that wasn’t enough fun for the week, earlier today we had our final Capture the Flag game of the season. As it has been all year, the Greens and Grays were so evenly matched that no one was able to get the flag across. Even so, the shouts and smiles (and sometimes grimaces of disappointment after getting tagged) were abundant on both sides. The year ended with Green up 1-0, so we’ll have to see how Water Sports shakes out for which team can claim overall victory for the year.

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There are only a handful of days left, and we know campers are savoring them all. It is bittersweet to think that along with all of the fun we’ve had of late, and the amazing special events remaining, we’ll soon be saying goodbye to the shores of Panther Pond, and more importantly, all of our friends, as camp wraps up for this 2019 season.

August 3rd, 2019

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