Monday, August 6

The heat continues — it was already 72 when the first bell rang and we had a high of 90 but a “feels like” of 96.  The lake was definitely a good place to be. 

The Crows (our oldest campers) cabin is making the most of their final days.   They were up at 4:20 and hiked to the top of Rattlesnake Mountain to see the sunrise!   They then had a pancake breakfast at their cookout site before starting their day.

For everyone else, it was a regular Monday morning  with Sign-ups and Swims but the swims were fun and games rather than instructional.   Activities to signup for  included archery, climbing wall, soccer, handicrafts, nature, riflery, sailing, tennis, woodshop, waterskiing.   Today is one of the very last opportunities to complete projects or work on awards. 

Monday is always laundry day but because today is the last laundry, most of the bags were stuffed to the max, many were larger than the campers!  The plan is to send everything out so we send clean clothes home!   

This afternoon, there were some extra water activities involving greased water melons and also water polo as the lake was the best place to be.  Other activities included paddle boarding, kayaking, baseball, handicrafts, riflery, sailing, woodshop, and tennis.

A bell rang at 5:30 and a crowd headed to the field for the “Fastest Man” contest.  There are three divisions – Lower Bunkline, Upper Bunkline and counselors.  Its a sprint from one end of the field to the other.  There were a lot of participants and a lot of very fast runners!

The TwiLight Leagues Championships were during Free Evening,  between Mulch Mob and Mills & Co. It was a exciting game with Mulch Mob winning and becomingk the 2018 Twilight League champs.   For those not playing, a lot watched the games but others played soccer, tennis basketball, ping-pong, gaga ball, went canoeing, played board games or just hung out.   

When the bell rang, almost everyone took a dip before getting ready for bed.   

August 6th, 2018

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