Lots to be grateful for

Yesterday evening at Council Fire, Garth invited campers to think about what they might commend a counselor for, if given the chance. Since the annual Timanous Horse Races were the night before, many campers were probably feeling grateful for all of the time, effort, and humor that counselors contributed to make the night special, as it always is.

For those unfamiliar with the event, Horse Races is a collection of skits in the Hall where the counselors, or “horses,” try to win the most camper votes for being the funniest skit in their grouping, or “race.” Once all the campers choose their horse (each is assigned a number, 1-6), dice are rolled to determine the advancement up the track, with the first horse traversing the length of the Hall winning! Phew, that was a lot of information… if you’re not sure what to think, you might just have to be at the 2020 races to see how it works! Suffice to say, campers probably laugh more during Horse Races each year than every other day at camp put together — which is saying something indeed.

20190727 Camp Timanous Horse Races SG 21 1 300x200

This must have been one funny skit

Another thing that all campers are surely grateful for is the wonderful (and plentiful) food we have here at Timanous. Of course, the food doesn’t just magically appear on tables that are magically laid out for three times a day. Our dedicated kitchen staff, led by our Food Service Director — and 35 year Timanous veteran — Bob Simmons, does an absolutely fantastic job putting on healthy and delicious meals.

Kitchen staff photo 300x225

Our friendly, talented and hard-working kitchen staff!

Still other campers might be grateful for the enriching experiences they’ve had on camping trips this year. A group of our oldest campers recently returned from their 5-day canoe trip on Aziscohos Lake. They were able to push themselves and each other paddling the length of this remote lake, and got to see some pretty spectacular sunrises and sunsets to boot.

IMG 2009 300x225

The 5-Day crew ready to embark

IMG 0377 e1564450277922 225x300

Aziscohos Lake stretches on into the distance

There are probably as many things to be grateful for as there are boys at Timanous, and hopefully each of them has taken Garth’s advice to spend some time reflecting on what that thing might be for them. The days of the 2019 summer are dwindling, but with each passing day the things to be grateful for continue to grow.


Photos from the Casco Days race, the 5 Day canoe trip, Horse Races and more have been posted to our Shutterfly site. Lots of happy faces!

July 29th, 2019

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