July 6

For the early risers & morning runners, it was muggy and clear when the morning started — 78 degrees at 6:30.  But by the second bell, the showers had rolled in and were off and on most of the morning.  Somewhere along the way, the humidity left, the temperature dropped and by free evening, a light jacket felt pretty good!   

The Mallards, having spent the night on Crows Point,  were up early, had a quick breakfast and made it back to join us in the barn for a second breakfast.  The Hawks were back by the end of cabin cleanup.  Both trips were great successes with lots of stories.  

This morning, despite the rain, most activities ran as scheduled including a 10 and under kickball game played here against a nearby camp. Other activities included archery, soccer, handicrafts, nature, riflery, sailing, woodshop and tennis.   It was a warm rain so most activities continued as normal but when there were some rumbles of thunder and a few flashes of lightening, the outdoor activities took cover in the barn and played some of the board games. 

By lunch time, the sun was out which was great timing as the announcement was made that we’d be playing CAPTURE THE FLAG this afternoon and the barn erupted in cheers!   There were two very exciting games with the Green and Gray teams each winning a game leaving the overall score still tied!   When the games ended, it was off to the swim docks to cool off and then Friday Candy!

At the beginning of free time, the upper bunkline gathered by the parking lot and loaded up the vans to make the trip to Wohelo as they were invited to join the girls for dinner and a dance.   Here at camp, activities opened for the lower bunkline included archery, nature, tennis, basketball, soccer, riflery, sailing, and handicrafts.   We had a delicious pizza buffet dinner  and then there was an awesome game of Castle Ball!  The lower bunkline headed down to get ready for bed at 7:45.  The upper bunkline returned from the dance a little later and were very quiet going down the bunkline but reported having a great time at Wohelo.  With temps in the low 60s, its going to be a great night for sleeping!  




July 6th, 2018

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