July 5th

It cooled off during the night so it was pretty comfortable sleeping weather.  The bonfire had continued to smolder all night so just a pile of ashes remained by first bell. 

Weather reports warned of a possible high heat index — at the hottest point today, the thermometer said 92 but the “feels like” was 99!  That is really hot for Raymond, Maine.   Everyone was reminded to drink lots of water and there were a lot of opportunities to spend time in the lake. 

Morning activities included archery, beginner water skiing, woodshop, riflery, nature, handicrafts, kayaking, sailing, paddle boarding, and tennis.  Everyone also had their regular instructional swim.

After lunch, the Hawks left on their camping trip, canoeing down the lake to spend the night on the shores of Panther Pond.  Originally, they were scheduled to go last week but it was a rainy day — they lucked out as tonight is a great night for cooking and sleeping outside.    

This afternoon, again, lots of water activities, swimming of course, sailing, paddle boarding, kayaking but also riflery, archery, handicrafts, nature, woodshop, lacrosse and soccer.  In free time, canoeing and boating was also open as was Main Dock and Beginner’s Beach for anyone who wanted to take a dip. The Mallards left on their camping trip at the beginning of free time, hiking out to Crow’s Point where they will have dinner and spend the night!

As the sun got lower in the sky, a nice breeze picked up so it was a little cooler for free evening.  There was a TwiLight league game between Bamboozlers and Mulch Mob, soccer, ultimate frisbee, badminton, tennis, basketball, ping-pong,etc.   And when the bell rang at 7:45, everyone took a dip before getting ready for bed.  A great way to cool off.   Today was supposedly the last super hot day for at least awhile.  

July 5th, 2018

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