July 31

Another cool night, in the high 50s but back up to 84 with sunny skies!

It was a regular Monday morning.  A group of soccer players left half way through breakfast to attend a Six-A-Side soccer tournament with 4 other camps at Camp Agawam.  Activities at camp included archery, article writing for the Timanews (camp newspaper), tie dying in Handicrafts, kayaking, riflery, sailing, woodshop, tennis, basketball and water skiing.  

The soccer team was back at camp for a quick lunch and then back to the tournament.  This afternoon, many of the same activities were available – tennis, woodshop, water skiing, sailing, riflery, paddle boarding, basket making in handicrafts, archery, soccer, canoeing and of course free swims. 

“Danny the Barber” arrived at the end of Free Time to give 28 campers and counselors haircuts.   Dan has been cutting hair at Timanous for 40+ years!  The soccer team arrived around the same time and will head back tomorrow to play again. 

During dinner, the Crows performed a song that they wrote and then went to Wohelo’s Council Fire to perform the same song. 

Shortly after that and while we were still in the barn, the skies darkened and our first thunderstorm in weeks rolled in so everyone stayed in the barn for some story telling and singing until the storm  passed. Luckily there was still time for a shortened Free Evening and a good chance to run around.   

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Six-A-Side Soccer Team

July 31st, 2017

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