July 30 – Sunday

We are having a great stretch of  perfect summer days!   It cools down at night which makes for great sleeping weather but the days are sunny and warm.   Today’s high was 77 with bright sun. 

Today was a typical Sunday morning with a late sleep, flag raising, breakfast, longer cabin clean up with sheet changing and letter writing,  and chapel.   Jimmy  Poulin led a great chapel talk by telling us the story of Douglas Mawson’s expedition to Antarctica in 1912 and the perils he survived.  Jimmy urged us to think of all Mawson survived the next time we are dealing with physical or emotional stress as we all have within ourselves, the willpower to persevere.  

Lunch today was barbecued ribs — always a favorite but messy!   Before the after lunch announcements, everyone voted for the “Hall of Fame”.   The Hall of Fame dates back to the 1920s when the first leather shield was made.  The categories have changed as we no longer have “Biggest Eater” or “Most Fool Questions”  (not quite who came up with those) instead some of the categories are  Most Generous, Best at Table, Most Helpful.  The 2017 Hall will be unveiled at the awards ceremony on Wednesday, August 9th. 

Then it was back to the cabin for Quiet Hour.   When the bell rang at 2:30, three groups of campers headed to Big Wohelo for soccer, Sunday sailing and tennis; two groups went to Little Wohelo for archery and tennis.  They all took suits for a swim in Sebago Lake before returning.

Here at camp, it was a normal Sunday schedule — Free Time/Free Swim/Free Time.  During the first free time, available activities were archery, canoeing, soccer, tie dying in handicrafts, kayaking, nature, riflery, sailing, tennis, basketball and water skiing.  Then off to swim – a great afternoon for spending as much time as possible in the water.   The same activities were open for the second Free Time with the addition of paddle boarding.

Sunday evening is always Council Fire so after flag lowering, everyone lined up, crossed the road and headed to the Council Fire clearing.   The fire was quick to start,  awards earned this week were announced, sang a few songs, commendations were made to campers who did something special this week.  They can be for a good deed, helping, showing courage, etc. and then it was back across the road and down to the cabins.   A nice ending to a fantastic and busy week.  

July 30th, 2017

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