July 29 – Saturday

It was an early morning for the 26 campers and 13 counselors who were running the Casco Day Road race.   They ate breakfast at 7:30 and then headed to Casco, our neighboring town for the annual 4 mile road race. Everyone finished!  There was then time to enjoy the fair food — tough decision between fried dough or a seadog biscuit!  

Back at camp, it was a Saturday morning schedule with a late sleep, breakfast, cabin cleanup, free time and then free swim. Activities open during Free Time included archery, the climbing wall, soccer, baseball, handicrafts, paddle boarding, nature, sailing, basketball, tennis and water skiing.

In the middle of lunch, the counselors  got up and started making monkey noises which can only mean one thing –  Grandaddy Gorilla!   It is a huge game of hide-and-seek where the counselors hide and the campers seek.  When the bell rang at the end of Quiet Hour,  the campers ran to the hall where they stayed for 20 minutes to give the counselors a chance to hid.

Counselors are not allowed to hide in buildings but just about everything else is allowed.  After 20 minutes, the campers were released.  The counselors have an assigned point value depending upon their position — head counselors have a higher point value than a senior counselor, etc and in addition there are a few counselors who are worth extra points.  The cabins work as a team as the cabin with the highest score wins.  The final scores will be tallied and announced tomorrow.

There was a free swim when the game was over followed by Free Time with archery, canoeing, soccer, tennis, basketball, riflery, sailing as well as activities always available during Free Time – ping-pong, gaga ball, hanging out with friends, reading, etc.   When the bell rang at the end of Free Time, it was off the the cabin cookout sites for Saturday night Cook Outs. 

The evening activity was another favorite  — Horse Races. You’ll have to ask your sons but the “horses” are counselors who dress in a costume or theme to match their horse’s name and “race” against 5 other counselors.  The campers place bets with the prizes being candy bars.  It’s a fun evening and the counselors came up with some very clever horses. 

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Timanous Runners

IMG 6641 960x640

The “Horses” ready to race

July 29th, 2017

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