High Spirits on Opening Day

A little (and sometimes a lot) of rain couldn’t dampen the spirits of all the campers and counselors on the first official day of the 2019 summer at Timanous. While there were a few more puddles to navigate around camp, everyone ended up singing songs together in the Hall at the end of the evening, just as we do every year on Opening Day.

How did we get there? After a few early arrivals for lunch, campers began arriving in bunches in the early afternoon. Old friends reconnected as if no time had passed at all since last summer, while boys new to Timanous were greeted by welcoming staff to their home for the summer. As their trunks were being shuttled to their cabins, campers walked down the bunkline for the first time to set up their areas and meet their cabin mates and counselors.

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Friends, old and new, gather near the barn

As more campers arrived throughout the day, activities were going on all throughout camp: card games in the cabin, dodgeball in the hall, and even basketball and soccer in the pouring rain! It was a good thing there was a warm fire going in the Barn when we all gathered for our first meal together.

There was a fire in the Hall as well for our evening event. Director Garth Altenburg introduced himself to the group, and invited all newcomers like himself to lean on the returning campers and counselors as they navigate their first summer at Timanous. We ended our first night together in a familiar refrain, with Dave Suitor leading the way in singing two of our favorite camp songs: T-I-M and Old Chief Timanous. While we were a bit out of tune and learning (or getting a refresher on) the words, there’s really nothing like singing songs in the Hall to bring everyone together to close out Opening Day.

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The rain let up as campers and counselors alike filed out to go to their cabins as a group, and it was a calm night as everyone settled into their bunks for the first time in 2019.

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A Mallards camper hurries back for story time

June 21st, 2019

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