Friday, August 5

Today was a Timanous first –  “Daylight League Day” and everyone had a blast!.   The camp was divided into their TwiLight League Teams  not for softball games but for a day of fun and games. It was fast paced and lots of fun with lots of smiling faces — it was a huge success.  The weather also cooperated as it was another perfect summer day.

There were 8 teams, each with a  coach who directed their team as they rotated through the activities.   A real favorite – Tubing – took place at both Crows’ and Beginners’ docks and while waiting their turn to tube, the campers played beach games – spike ball, badminton, and noodle jousting.   On the field, there were relay races, hula hoop games and tennis baseball and/or kickball (batter’s choice).   In the barn, it was “A Minute To Win It” with 20 different games including Cup Stacking, Cookie Face, Elephant March, Noodling Around, Spin Doctor, Card Throw, A Bit Dicey and 13 other crazy games  (ask your camper to explain!).

The  Daylight League Day activities ended at 3:30 and everyone headed to swim which felt great as it was a warm day. When swim was over, the campers went in search of Friday Candy which instead of being in it’s regular place on top of the hill, was hidden but it didn’t take long to find.  At free time, while many of the regular activities were open (archery, riflery, sailing, handicrafts, soccer, tennis, ping-pong, ) but there was also a giant Slip’n Slide set up on the field.

After dinner, it was a Free Evening with a Twilight League game, the winner of which will be in the final playoff game on Monday.  There was also ultimate frisbee, soccer, tennis, canoeing and boating, games in the barn, ping-pong, and more followed by a quick dip before bed.   I think everyone will sleep well tonight which will be good as there are a couple of special activities tomorrow also!


August 5th, 2016

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