Friday August 3

Today was hot and humid from the start.  Given the prediction, we really lucked out as instead of having thunder storms most of the day, we made it all the way until 6:20PM.

This morning, in addition to all the regular activities: archery, handicrafts, riflery, sailing, woodshop and waterskiing, there were a few extras.  One being street hockey on the tennis court and two being  a really interesting session led by two women from the Cumberland County Soil & Water Conservation District who worked with the campers to find macroinvertebrates (also known as aquatic bugs) in Red River which borders camp and  leads into Panther Pond and by studying them, were able to determine that the water is clean! 

Knowing the busy afternoon schedule which included surprise guests arriving at the beginning of Free Time (our normal Friday Candy time), Friday Candy was given out for dessert at lunch! 

The first afternoon activity was Junior Granddaddy Gorilla which is a giant hide and seek game.  The campers had been told earlier in the week when it would be happening so they could find a good hiding spot.   When the bell rang at the end of Quiet Hour, the counselors went to the hall and the campers had 20 minutes to find their hiding spot before the counselors came looking.   If found, they headed to the hall and waited until the game was over.  When the bell rang to announce the end of the game, there were 13 campers that had not been found!   All of the campers went to  the hall where much to everyone’s surprise, they found out that we would now be playing Grandaddy Gorilla which  is when the counselors hide and the campers search.  So with the campers all in the hall, the counselors had 20 minutes to hide before the campers came looking.   It is a little different as the counselors stay in their hiding spot until the game is over and can be found multiple times.  Cabins work as a team and the counselors have different point values with Head counselors being worth more than Seniors who are worth more than the Juniors.  When the game ends, the point total is figured and tomorrow, the winners (one cabin from the upper bunkline and one from the lower) will be announced.

When Granddaddy Gorilla was over, everyone went back to the hall to hear about the rest of the day which included free swim, followed by free time and then the big surprise – The Timanous/Wohelo dance at Timanous.

It was a hot afternoon and after both hiding and seeking, it felt great to cool off in the lake.  Free Time activities included archery, handicrafts, riflery, sailing, nature, woodshop, tennis and basketball.   Wohelo campers and counselors started arriving and joined in at the activities.   As it got closer to dinner, the sky grew more ominous but it held off long enough for just about everyone to get through the buffet once,  but not long enough to finish eating.  It was a thunder storm so everyone took cover, most in the barn where they waited while the barn was transformed for the dance.  Then the dance started with some great DJ’ing, The dancing was non-stop and everyone seemed to have a great time.  When it ended, the Wohelo group loaded into the vans and bus while the Timanous group headed to their cabins after a really busy day!    

August 3rd, 2018

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