July 29 – Saturday

It was an early morning for the 26 campers and 13 counselors who were running the Casco Day Road race.   They ate breakfast at 7:30 and then headed to Casco, our neighboring town for the annual 4 mile road race. Everyone finished!  There was then time to enjoy the fair food — tough decision between fried dough or a seadog biscuit!  

Back at camp, it was a Saturday morning schedule with a late sleep, breakfast, cabin cleanup, free time and then free swim. Activities open during Free Time included archery, the climbing wall, soccer, baseball, handicrafts, paddle boarding, nature, sailing, basketball, tennis and water skiing.

In the middle of lunch, the counselors  got up and started making monkey noises which can only mean one thing –  Grandaddy Gorilla!   It is a huge game of hide-and-seek where the counselors hide and the campers seek.  When the bell rang at the end of Quiet Hour,  the campers ran to the hall where they stayed for 20 minutes to give the counselors a chance to hid.

Counselors are not allowed to hide in buildings but just about everything else is allowed.  After 20 minutes, the campers were released.  The counselors have an assigned point value depending upon their position — head counselors have a higher point value than a senior counselor, etc and in addition there are a few counselors who are worth extra points.  The cabins work as a team as the cabin with the highest score wins.  The final scores will be tallied and announced tomorrow.

There was a free swim when the game was over followed by Free Time with archery, canoeing, soccer, tennis, basketball, riflery, sailing as well as activities always available during Free Time – ping-pong, gaga ball, hanging out with friends, reading, etc.   When the bell rang at the end of Free Time, it was off the the cabin cookout sites for Saturday night Cook Outs. 

The evening activity was another favorite  — Horse Races. You’ll have to ask your sons but the “horses” are counselors who dress in a costume or theme to match their horse’s name and “race” against 5 other counselors.  The campers place bets with the prizes being candy bars.  It’s a fun evening and the counselors came up with some very clever horses. 

P8270489 1 960x557

Timanous Runners

IMG 6641 960x640

The “Horses” ready to race

July 29th, 2017

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July 28 – Friday

Perfect summer day from start to finish!  

Every Friday morning, at the end of flag raising, just before we go to the barn for breakfast, the new table assignments are announced.  Its always fun to find out who you will be sitting with for the next week.  “Mains” today for breakfast (served after we’ve had  cereal, fruit, yogurt, oatmeal, granola and/or toast)  were breakfast burritos.  There were still three trips out so the barn was still noticeably quieter. 

This mornings activities included archery, lacrosse, handicrafts, riflery, sailing, paddle boarding, woodshop, tennis, and basketball.   All three trips returned in the morning so it was once again a full barn for lunch.  Pictures for the Acadia National Park and Five Day Trips can be found on the Shutterfly site. 

Friday afternoon is usually a little different, a tradition going way back although the “trips” have changed significantly.  Today’s “trips” included a hike up Rattlesnake Mountain, a sailing trip (the longer time allows them to sail farther down Panther Pond than a normal period does), a fishing trip by canoe around the mouth of Red River, blue berry picking on Crows Point (not many blueberries made it back to camp), a Home Run Derby on the baseball field and a 12 & under soccer game at a near by camp.   Every one was back for a Free Swim at 4 but were dressed and lined up for Friday Candy by 4:30.   Campers and counselors with sisters at Wohelo then traveled to Wohelo to spend the afternoon and have dinner with their relatives. 

Back at camp, it was a great Free Evening night — soccer, ultimate frisbee, softball, gaga ball, tennis, basketball were just a few of the many evening activities.  

IMG 6356 960x592

12 & Under Soccer Team

July 28th, 2017

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July 27 – Thursday

Early this morning, it was raining (such a great sound on the cabin roofs)  but stopped just before the first bell.  The rest of the day was mostly overcast with a few very brief showers but the sun also made several brief appearances, finally coming out for good in the late afternoon.

Thursday morning is always Donut Day — in addition to cereal, oatmeal, yogurt, fruit, toast and hard boiled eggs, we have fresh donuts from the local donut shop which are delivered at 6:30am!   It was a regular morning – activities to chose from included archery, field games including regular soccer and tennis baseball, fire building followed by reading by the fire and/or shelter building in camp craft, riflery, woodshop and regular water skiing.   

At the end of breakfast and lunch, there are announcements in the barn  which always include the daily program, lost and found (you couldn’t imagine how many items are passed out each day) and in the morning,  yesterday’s sports scores (Timanous cheers for the Pirates so there is always a build up to the Pirates scores) but counselors and campers usually make some crazy or funny announcements about things going on at camp, the scores of last nights TwiLight League game, or about nothing much at all.  Hard to explain or repeat them here but its a fun part of the day. 

This afternoon’s activities included the climbing wall, handicrafts, basketball, riflery, sailing, woodshop, archery, soccer tennis, baseball and waterskiing. At the beginning of Free Time, the lower bunkline trip left by canoe for the other end of the lake where they will have dinner and spend the night on the shores of Panther Pond before returning tomorrow.  

With three trips out, the barn was very quiet at dinner but there was still lots of action during free evening with tennis baseball, games in the barn, canoeing and boating, ultimate frisbee, soccer, basketball, ping-pong, tennis, to name a few.  The bell rang at 7:45 and off to the cabins after a busy day.  


IMG 5967 960x670

The Lower Half Camping Trip

July 27th, 2017

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July 26 – Wednesday

Another chilly dip with morning temps around 58 when the first bell rang but it turned into a perfect summer day, sunny with a high in the low 80s and a good breeze for sailing in the afternoon. 

This morning, two trips were still out and another left right after breakfast.  They were headed to Acadia National Park where they will spend two nights camping in one of the park’s camp grounds and tomorrow will bike the carriage paths. 

With three trips out, there were 50 less campers and counselor at the activity periods and instructional swim.  There was still a lot going on —  archery, fishing,  picking blueberries in camp craft with the idea of making blueberry jam later in the week, riflery, wood shop and beginner’s waterskiing.

The Upper Bunkline Trip returned just before lunch.   They had a great time and  a beautiful day for the hike yesterday. Check out the pictures on Shutterfly.  

This afternoon, activities to chose from included archery, soccer, handicrafts, nature, riflery, sailing, wood shop, basketball and the free swims felt great on a hot day.  All the same activities were open for Free Time with the addition of the climbing wall, canoeing and boating and the activity at camp craft was shelter building.  

Wednesday night dinner is always Jimmy Buffet — everyone goes through the buffet line in the barn and then outside to eat.  A perfect night for it.  Diner was followed by a Free Evening with a Twilight League Game and lots of other activities including evening sailing, castle ball, ultimate frisbee, soccer, basketball, tennis, ping-pong, plus more and of course the option to hang out, read or just relax.  

When the bell rang at 7:45, everyone headed to their cabins — although it was a beautiful day, it had cooled off just enough that there were no dips.   

IMG 8999 JPG 960x615

Acadia Bike Trip

July 26th, 2017

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July 25

Anyone who is going for their Polar Bear or Penguin, really deserves it if they dipped this morning as it was 57 degrees when the first bell rang.  There were still quite a few who braved it.  (Polar Bear is for full time campers and Penguin for half session and require dipping in the lake every morning they are here)

There are two trips out which total 34 campers and counselors so the dining room was a lot quieter this morning. Half way through breakfast a group of tennis players left for a tennis tournament at a neighboring camp.  For everyone else it was regular signups, choices included archery, running, soccer, handicrafts, nature for edible plants, riflery, sailing and woodshop.   Because of the chilly temps, campers could opt out of instructional swim to play castle ball and other high energy land games but there were some who still chose to swim.  

Lunch was roast beef with roasted potatoes, rolls and organic green beens from Frank, our local farmer and of course the bountiful salad bar which contains a lot of Frank’s produce with whoopie pies for dessert.    The laundry was back and everyone picked up their bag on their way back to the cabin for Quiet Hour.

At the start of first period, a 13 & under baseball team left for Laurel South for a game. Here at camp, there was a double period racing practice for sailing, archery, soccer, handicrafts, riflery, woodshop, basketball, nature and of course ping-pong and gaga ball were added during free time.

A perfect evening for a Free Evening.  Because of the number of campers out, we couldn’t have a TwiLight League game but still plenty to do with soccer, ultimate frisbee, a pickup softball game, canoeing and boating, tennis, basketball, etc.   It did warm up today — sunny and in the 70s but cooling down so no dips needed. 



July 25th, 2017

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July 24

The beautiful summer days have temporarily come to an end.   This morning was overcast with a few rain drops, some steadier rain this afternoon and cooler temps by dinner time.   It is predicted to warm up tomorrow with highs back in the 70s  and then back to the 80s later in the week.

Two groups left on camping trips today.  The campers and counselors on the 5-day were up early and came up to breakfast with their camping gear.  They ate an early breakfast and were on the road just as everyone else headed into breakfast.   They will spend 4 nights and 5 days canoeing and exploring Lake Aziscohos which is absolutely gorgeous.  The next trip, the Second Half Upper Bunkline trip, left after lunch for Grafton Notch where they will spend two nights camping and hike tomorrow.  

This mornings activities included archery, fishing, building shelters in campcraft, soccer, handicrafts, riflery, woodshop and tennis.  On the way to lunch, everyone brought up their laundry bags which were loaded into the Busy Bee Laundry truck and will be returned tomorrow after lunch.  

This afternoon, due to the rain, there were a few more inside activities than normal including knot tying in the barn for sailing, games in the hall (dodge ball, sack races, etc), and reading in the barn but also archery, handicrafts, riflery, woodshop, basketball, soccer, and baseball. 

Tonight, everyone gathered in the hall to sing.  We started out with camp songs but moved on to old favorites like Puff the Magic Dragon, Wagon Wheel, Cats in the Cradle, This Land is Your Land to name a few.   Then off to the cabins to get ready for bed, no dips needed tonight!   Its a great night for sleeping.   

July 24th, 2017

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Sunday, July 23

Another beautiful summer day although a little cooler than yesterday —  63 for a low and a high of 76 with a nice breeze.  

Although it was a Sunday, there was no late sleep as it was Picture Day!  We took the all camp picture for the second session along with second session cabin pictures all before breakfast.   After  breakfast, it was down to the cabin for cabin clean-up which on Sunday includes changing the sheets and writing a Sunday letter.   Then off to chapel – Tommy Hauldren gave a great talk which will be posted this week. 

This afternoon, two group, sailors and tennis players went to Big Wohelo and two groups, archery and tennis went to Little Wohelo. Everyone who went to Wohelo also had a swim before returning to camp.  For everyone at camp, it was a regular Sunday afternoon schedule — Free Time/Free Swim/Free Time.   First Free Time, activities to chose from included canoeing, climbing wall, lacrosse, soccer, kayaking, riflery, sailing, basketball and tennis.  Then everyone went to Free Swim either at Beginners, Main Dock or the Crows campers at Crows.    During the second Free Time, activities included a repeat of the first free times, minus lacrosse and with the addition of archery, baseball, handicrafts, and paddle boarding. 

After dinner, everyone lined up for flag lowering and then walked across the street for Council Fire.  Although it was the first council fire for the second session campers, it looked like everyone knew what they were doing.   It is really hard to believe they have only been here for one week!  Council Fire is a great way to end the week and this was a great week. 


July 23rd, 2017

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July 22

It started off as a regular Saturday morning with a late sleep so the first bell was at 7:45.  While the days have been warm, it does cool down at night.  It was 66 when the bell rang but reached 82 this afternoon — another beautiful summer day.

What made today different was at morning announcements, we found out that we would be playing CAPTURE THE FLAG today and the barn erupted with cheers.  Capture the Flag is a real favorite.  The “New to Timanous” campers learned if they were on the green or gray team and then everyone went back to the cabins for cleanup but you could hear the excitement coming from the cabins as campers prepared for the game, dressing in their teams colors.   It was a couple of really exciting games, lots of action, cheering, good sportsmanship.   Then off for free swim which felt great as by then it was pretty hot. 

This afternoon, a big event the TiMasters took place  — I’m not sure of the rules but they were having a lot of fun – Adirondack golf played all over camp for a double period.  Other choices to sign up for included archery, handicrafts, kayaking, nature, riflery, sailing, tennis, and water skiing. During Free Time, the climbing wall and canoeing and boating were also open and of course during free time, campers can also chose to play ping-pong, gaga ball, fish, or just hang out with friends.   Free Swim was very popular and felt great.

When the bell rang at 5:30 – it was off to the cabin cookout sites for Saturday Night Cookouts.   Each cabin has their own site and cooks their own dinner  over an open fire.  The food is delivered to the site by the Cookout Crew – some sites get their delivery by boat and some by golf cart. 

The bell rang at 6:45 and everyone headed for the hall where we had a performer, Emilia Dahlin, singer/songwriter.  

IMG 6695 960x720

Tonights Performer

July 22nd, 2017

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July 21

Another perfect summer day reaching 86 this afternoon with a great breeze.  

This morning had some special events — it was game day during instructional swim.   Campers had a choice  – they could play water polo or distance swimming.  During the first activity period, there was a group effort to collect pine cones — the goal had been 300 but the final count was up over 1000!   The pinecones will be used as part of the 100th celebration.  Other morning activities included archery, running, riflery, sailing, woodshop, tennis, basketball, waterskiing (both beginners and regular), and 15 & under basketball practice.    The Katahdin trip returned just before lunch – they had an awesome trip.  Yesterday was a clear day on top of the mountain so amazing views with warmer than normal temps and everyone had a successful climb.  

This afternoon, the 15 & under basketball team left half way through Quiet Hour to travel to a neighboring camp for a game.  For everyone else, it was Friday Trips – a Timanous tradition going way back.   Today’s trips included a kayak and paddle board trip starting in Crescent Lake, passing under Route 85, down the Tenney River, back into Panther Pond and then around the point back to camp; there was a sailing trip and with the extra time, they sailed past the point and into the main part of the lake; a fishing trip; a hike up Rattlesnake Mountain; an in-camp soccer game; and Frisbee Golf.   Everyone was back at camp for Free Swim around 4PM.  It was then time for Friday Candy which today was not at its normal place on top of the hill. Instead, it was hidden but it didn’t take long for everyone to find it on Crows Point.  For the rest of Free Time, available activities included archery, canoeing, the climbing wall, soccer, riflery, tennis and of course gaga ball and ping-pong.  

This evening was a Free Evening with a Twilight League Game.  Some of the other activities included the 3 youngest cabins, Mallards, Eagles and Hawks, going to Crows to use the water slide, Adirondack golf,  Corcel (a corcel is a small, round boat) races with Paddleboards, soccer, tennis and basketball.  Then a dip and off to get ready for bed.  

July 21st, 2017

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July 20

Another beautiful summer day with highs in the 80s — a great day to spend time in or on the water.

It was pretty much a regular day with a few exceptions.  A group of sailors ate early and left before breakfast was over for the Wohelo regatta.   Unfortunately, it wasn’t a great sailing day on Sebago Lake as there was very little breeze so the challenge was racing without wind. 

Morning activities to sign up for included archery, running (a lot of people are training for the annual Casco Day Road Race which is Saturday, July 29), handicrafts, beginner kayaking, riflery, sailing (if you look at today’s pictures, you might wonder why a boat capsizes without any wind but they were practicing how to capsize properly), wood shop and beginner waterskiing.  Everyone also had instructional swim.

This afternoon, a group of 13& under tennis players headed to Agawam, a neighboring boys camp to play while Agawam brought a riflery and an archery team here to compete. Activities for those not participating in the competitions included the climbing wall, paddle board, handicrafts, sailing, woodshop, tennis and waterskiing.  Additional activities during Free Time included riflery, archery, basketball and canoeing.

It was a perfect night for being outside after dinner and there were a lot of activities to chose from — a Twilight League game on the field, ultimate frisbee, canoeing, soccer, tennis, basketball were just a few choices.   The night ended with a dip which is always a perfect ending to a summer day. 



July 20th, 2017

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