Monday, July 9

And yet another perfect summer day!  The high was 88 this afternoon, blue sky, and a nice breeze for sailing – doesn’t get much better than that!   It is predicted to be even warmer tomorrow!

It was a regular morning with the exception of a group of soccer players leaving half way through breakfast to travel to a nearby camp to participate in a 6-a-Side soccer tournament.  For everyone else, there were regular sign-ups and swims.  Activities to chose from included  archery, baseball, nature, riflery, sailing, woodshop, beginner waterskiing, canoeing and boating, and rugby.   The Eagles spent a period canoeing in anticipation of their camping trip later today. 

Monday is laundry day so everyone came to lunch with their full laundry bags — the clean laundry will be back tomorrow after lunch.   The 6-a-side team arrived back in time to take a quick dip before lunch.  They were victorious this morning so headed back to play again this afternoon.     The Eagles left on their camping trip shortly after lunch.  They were transported with their canoes to put in on the Songo River where they canoed through the locks,  continued down the  river and into Sebago Lake where they will camp right on the shore in the state park.   They have a perfect night to sleep out!

This afternoon activities to sign up for included archery, the climbing wall, handicrafts, kayaking, riflery, paddleboarding, sailing, woodshop and regular water skiing.   Free swims were a great way to cool off and enjoy the lake!   Free time activities included archery, canoeing and boating, soccer, handicrafts, riflery, sailing, woodshop, tennis, basketball, badminton, ping-pong, board games, etc.  

After dinner was a free evening with a Twilight League game, soccer, ultimate frisbee, leap frog, noodle baseball, tennis, basket ball, canoeing, gaga ball, etc.  When the bell rang at 7:45, everyone headed to their cabins and then for a quick dip before getting ready for bed.  Always a perfect ending to a perfect day!  

July 9th, 2018

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Sunday, July 8

It was another cool evening — perfect for sleeping and another perfect summer day with a high of 83, very little humidity, barely a cloud in the sky and a great breeze for sailing!

We had a busy morning so even though it was Sunday, there was no late sleep.   The bell rang at 7:15 and everyone was up right away (many still took time for a dip) and dressed in their Sunday dress uniform.  Then it was up to the barn area for the official cabin pictures as well as our first session all camp picture before breakfast.  After breakfast (which included the usual cereal course of both hot and cold cereals, yogurt, fruit, toast followed by scrambled eggs and bacon), it was down to the cabin to quickly change sheets and then back up to the barn area where everyone loaded into buses and vans to make the trip to Wohelo, our sister camp for Hiiteni and Timanous Sunday, an annual celebration of the camps’ founders.  All three camps (Sebago Wohelo, Little Wohelo and Timanous) participated.  The camps all sing camp songs and hear camp history.  There was time before and after we  gathered to visit with friends and relatives and/or look around Wohelo. Then it was back on the buses and back to Timanous for lunch.

This afternoon,  two groups went back to Wohelo for archery and tennis at Little Wo.  Three groups of Wohelo campers came  here for Sunday sailing, soccer and tennis.   For everyone else, it was a regular Sunday afternoon which is free time/swim/free time  and  activities available during the free times included archery, learning to set up tents in campcraft, riflery, climbing wall, handicrafts, kayaking, paddle boarding, ultimate frisbee, water skiing, canoeing and boating, soccer, sailing, basketball, tennis, board games, badminton and ping-pong.    Dinner was at 6 followed by flag lowering and our Sunday Council Fire, after which everyone heads to their cabin for cabin meetings and to get ready for bed.   Very hard to believe there is less than a week in the first session!  

IMG 0015 960x640

Sunday Sailing



July 8th, 2018

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Saturday, July 7

Another perfect summer day!  It cooled off last night so it was a great night for sleeping — definitely needed blankets!   It was a sunny morning, warming up quickly with a high of 79 degrees!  Just perfect.

This morning was Timanous Relays — 6 neighboring camps joined us for some fun competition.  We saw some very impressive swimming and there was a lot of support from crowd which was made up of the campers and counselors not swimming.

This afternoon, was a regular afternoon with sign-ups, free swims and free time.   Activities available for sign-ups included archery, fire building at camp craft, the climbing wall, lacrosse practice, handicrafts, riflery, sailing, tennis, instructional basketball, both beginner and regular water skiing.  During free time, activities included archery, riflery, sailing,   soccer, watching the World Cup game between England and Sweden, handicrafts, canoeing and boating, ping-pong, basketball, tennis, etc.

When the bell rang, everyone headed to their cabin cookout site for Saturday night cookouts which were followed by cabin activities. 


July 7th, 2018

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July 6

For the early risers & morning runners, it was muggy and clear when the morning started — 78 degrees at 6:30.  But by the second bell, the showers had rolled in and were off and on most of the morning.  Somewhere along the way, the humidity left, the temperature dropped and by free evening, a light jacket felt pretty good!   

The Mallards, having spent the night on Crows Point,  were up early, had a quick breakfast and made it back to join us in the barn for a second breakfast.  The Hawks were back by the end of cabin cleanup.  Both trips were great successes with lots of stories.  

This morning, despite the rain, most activities ran as scheduled including a 10 and under kickball game played here against a nearby camp. Other activities included archery, soccer, handicrafts, nature, riflery, sailing, woodshop and tennis.   It was a warm rain so most activities continued as normal but when there were some rumbles of thunder and a few flashes of lightening, the outdoor activities took cover in the barn and played some of the board games. 

By lunch time, the sun was out which was great timing as the announcement was made that we’d be playing CAPTURE THE FLAG this afternoon and the barn erupted in cheers!   There were two very exciting games with the Green and Gray teams each winning a game leaving the overall score still tied!   When the games ended, it was off to the swim docks to cool off and then Friday Candy!

At the beginning of free time, the upper bunkline gathered by the parking lot and loaded up the vans to make the trip to Wohelo as they were invited to join the girls for dinner and a dance.   Here at camp, activities opened for the lower bunkline included archery, nature, tennis, basketball, soccer, riflery, sailing, and handicrafts.   We had a delicious pizza buffet dinner  and then there was an awesome game of Castle Ball!  The lower bunkline headed down to get ready for bed at 7:45.  The upper bunkline returned from the dance a little later and were very quiet going down the bunkline but reported having a great time at Wohelo.  With temps in the low 60s, its going to be a great night for sleeping!  




July 6th, 2018

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July 5th

It cooled off during the night so it was pretty comfortable sleeping weather.  The bonfire had continued to smolder all night so just a pile of ashes remained by first bell. 

Weather reports warned of a possible high heat index — at the hottest point today, the thermometer said 92 but the “feels like” was 99!  That is really hot for Raymond, Maine.   Everyone was reminded to drink lots of water and there were a lot of opportunities to spend time in the lake. 

Morning activities included archery, beginner water skiing, woodshop, riflery, nature, handicrafts, kayaking, sailing, paddle boarding, and tennis.  Everyone also had their regular instructional swim.

After lunch, the Hawks left on their camping trip, canoeing down the lake to spend the night on the shores of Panther Pond.  Originally, they were scheduled to go last week but it was a rainy day — they lucked out as tonight is a great night for cooking and sleeping outside.    

This afternoon, again, lots of water activities, swimming of course, sailing, paddle boarding, kayaking but also riflery, archery, handicrafts, nature, woodshop, lacrosse and soccer.  In free time, canoeing and boating was also open as was Main Dock and Beginner’s Beach for anyone who wanted to take a dip. The Mallards left on their camping trip at the beginning of free time, hiking out to Crow’s Point where they will have dinner and spend the night!

As the sun got lower in the sky, a nice breeze picked up so it was a little cooler for free evening.  There was a TwiLight league game between Bamboozlers and Mulch Mob, soccer, ultimate frisbee, badminton, tennis, basketball, ping-pong,etc.   And when the bell rang at 7:45, everyone took a dip before getting ready for bed.  A great way to cool off.   Today was supposedly the last super hot day for at least awhile.  

July 5th, 2018

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July 4th

Another hot summer day with temps reaching into the 90s once again!   The lake or the shade were the places to be so morning activities were archery, handicrafts, paddle boarding, riflery, sailing, woodshop and TUBING!!  Of course everyone also had swim.   Each cabin had an assigned period for tubing so everyone had the chance to go by the end of afternoon free time.

This afternoon, activities included archery, nature, riflery, sailing, woodshop, ice cube melting, and more tubing.  Everyone also had free swim.  During Free Time, there was  canoeing capsizing (on purpose), greased watermelon and dips at main dock along with archery, nature, riflery, woodshop and sailing  and of course the last of the tubing which was the Crows.  

Tonight’s dinner was an all camp cookout followed by a free evening with a Twilight game between Mills & Co and Team Paiste – there was also soccer, ultimate frisbee, tennis, basketball, etc.   When the bell rang, everyone went for a quick dip and then gathered on beginner’s beach for the burning of the bonfire!!!  Prior to lighting the fire, the Crows did a skit and then  the youngest boy in camp lit the fire with Dave.   Everyone’s hard work in building it paid off as it was a spectacular fire and burned quickly! 

IMG 7761 540x720


July 4th, 2018

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Tuesday, July 3

Today was another hot summer day with a high of 91.

It was a little quieter than normal at breakfast with the Crogles and Herons out on trips.  Both cabins returned mid-morning and reported having fantastic trips with great food, lots of swimming and a perfect night for camping out.  

It was a regular morning, with the upper bunkline going to swim first and activity second – the lower bunkline just the reverse.  Activities to sign up for included archery, running, nature, riflery, sailing, woodshop, and tennis.

This afternoon, there was a 15 & under soccer game at a neighboring camp — all of the players went immediately for a dip when they returned. Sign up activities included kayaking, paddleboard, archery, riflery, sailing, woodshop, riflery,  tennis and nature which included using sprinklers.   At the beginning of free time, relatives from our sister camp, Wohelo arrived.  With their Timanous relatives, they joined in our freetime activities which included riflery, archery, sailing, woodshop, tennis, ping-pong, and watching England and Columbia in the World Cup Game.  Main Dock was also open for dips for anyone who wanted to cool off.  Wohelo relatives stayed for a buffet dinner and a bit of the free evening before saying good bye.   There was a TwiLight league game between the Cucumbers and Boogie Monsters.  For anyone not playing, there was lots to do including all of the field games, canoeing and boating, board games, fishing, etc.   When the bell rang at 7:45, everyone headed for a evening dip which is the perfect ending to a summer day!  Looks like the next two days are going to be hot also!  

July 3rd, 2018

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Monday, July 2

Another beautiful summer day from start to finish — not as humid as yesterday — just perfect!

This morning, in preparation for July 4th, we built the bonfire!  Everyone worked hard gathering wood and we have a very impressive bonfire on Beginner’s Beach.  Hopefully, the conditions will be right (not too dry or too windy) for us to burn it Wednesday night!  After working hard, everyone had a refreshing swim which felt great, especially as everyone had to wear long pants for the wood collection.

Both the Crogles and Herons left after lunch for their camping trips.  The Crogles canoed to the other end of Panther Pond where they will spend the night camping on an awesome campsite right on the water.  The Herons put their canoes in at Pleasant Lake and canoed to another awesome campsite also right on the water.   They are all lucky as tonight will be a great night for camping out.  Both cabins will return tomorrow morning.  

A group of boys traveled to a neighboring camp to participate in a ping-pong tournament and for those here at camp, the activities to chose from during first and second period included paddle boarding, handicrafts, kayaking, riflery, sailing, woodshop, tennis, archery and water skiing. The lower bunkline had swim first and then went to their activity period and the upper bunkline went to their activity first and then swim.  During free time, activities open for everyone included archery, canoeing and boating, 15& under soccer practice, kayaking, riflery, sailing, woodshop, tennis, ping-pong, and gaga ball. 

Tonight was a free evening  with a TwiLight game between the Forknifers and Mulch Mob.   For those not playing in the game, there was a variety of activities  including soccer, ultimate frisbee, tennis, basketball, whiffle ball, ping-pong, board games, etc.  We are hearing that the next few days are going to be hot!!  

July 2nd, 2018

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Sunday July 1

There were multiple thunderstorms that rolled through during the night but most of the boys never heard them.  By the time the bell rang at 7:45, the skies had cleared, the sun was out, and it was already very warm.  Today was by far the hottest day of the summer but it sounds like the next few days might be even hotter.

Sunday mornings are a different schedule with a longer cabin clean up  allowing time to change sheets, thoroughly sweep the cabins and write the required Sunday letter.   Then its off to chapel which this morning was led by Head Counselor, James Robinson.  He gave an inspiring talk.  If you  would like to read it, there is a link to it in the right hand column.

This afternoon, several groups traveled to Wohelo, our sister camp for Sunday sailing and tennis at Big Wohelo and Sunday tennis and archery at Little Wohelo.   At camp, there were sign-ups – activities included kayaking, archery, water skiing, lacrosse, nature, riflery, sailing, and tennis.  Herons and Crogles each had a period of canoeing to prepare for their camping trips which leave tomorrow.   Free swim was especially popular as the lake was the perfect place to be on a hot day.  During free time, all of the same activities were available  with additions being board games in the barn, a ping-pong practice for campers interested in participating in tomorrow’s tournament  at a near by camp and a group watched a replay of the Spain vs Russia World Cup game.  Main dock was also open for dips for anyone who wanted to cool off. A welcome breeze picked up as the afternoon went on which made the heat more bearable and also made for some great sailing.

After dinner, we all gathered for Sunday Council Fire which is a chance to reflect on the past week.


July 1st, 2018

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Saturday, June 30

Today was a perfect summer day — sunny and hot!   As often happens on Saturday, it was a late sleep so the first bell rang at 7:45 and breakfast was at 8:30.   The clip below shows the reaction when the campers and counselors learned that we’d be playing the first Capture the Flag game of the summer!  Lots of excitement.    New campers learned if they were on the Green or the Gray team.   

During cabin clean up, everyone prepared for the game by dressing in their team’s colors.  When the bell rang, everyone met at the bottom of the hill to hear the rules of the game.  There were two very exciting games with lots of action.  People got to the “the flag” (towel) but neither team scored.  When the games were over, there was a free swim which felt great after running around on a hot morning!

This afternoon, there were lots of activities to chose from: archery, canoeing & boating, riflery, climbing wall, sailing, nature, water skiing, handicrafts, tennis, basketball, soccer, paddle boarding, woodshop and a replay of the World Cup game between France and Argentina was shown.  With temperatures in the mid-80s,  Free Swim was especially popular.

Last Saturday evening it rained, so tonight was the first Cabin Cookouts.  Every cabin has their own cookout site where they gathered when the bell rang. Wood was collected, the fire started, the food delivered and the hamburgers cooked over an open fire.   It was a perfect night for it!

Then it was up to the hall where a hypnotist, David Hall, entertained us all by hypnotizing a group of counselor.  It was very funny!

June 30th, 2018

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