Friday, July 29

Today was predicted to be a possible rainy day and although it was a little overcast this morning, the sun came out this afternoon and it was another perfect and busy day!

This morning was a typical morning with lots of activities — archery, baseball, handicrafts, kayaking, riflery, sailing, woodshop, tennis, waterskiing, basketball and because it’s Friday,  crazy games at instructional swim.

The Second Half Lower Bunkline Trip and the Acadia Bike Trip returned before lunch with the 5 day returning this afternoon which was the last of our 16 camping trips for this summer!  Everyone returning today reported having an awesome trip.  Check out the trip pictures on Shutterfly (some take more than others!).  The Five Day & Acadia will be posted tomorrow — they are still unpacking so yet to find the camera!

canoe 960x720

Lower Bunkline Second Half Trip returning

This afternoon our “Friday trips” kept us close to home as they were still predicting possible thunderstorms but included lots of fun activities.  “Fumblebones” which was a bunch of crazy games on the field, Lacrosse, Rugby, Ping-Pong tournament, a hike up Rattlesnake Mountain, 4 campers went to a fishing derby at a neighboring camp and a large group took a sailing trip around the point and down the lake.   Everyone met back at camp for a quick dip and then Friday Candy.

Relatives from Wohelo arrived at the start of Free Time and joined their brothers for activities some of which included archery, the climbing wall, canoeing, soccer, handicrafts, sailing, woodshop, and  tennis.  The relatives stayed for dinner which was a pizza buffet with everyone eating outside.

Then it was a Free Evening with tennis baseball, ultimate frisbee, soccer, tennis, basketball, ping pong, canoeing, games in the barn, gaga ball, and more.  There were hugs and good byes when the Wohelo relatives said good bye.


July 29th, 2016

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Thursday, July 28

Looking ahead at the weather, these beautiful sunny summer days may be interspersed with a couple of rainy days but there was no rain today!  Another beautiful, warm sunny day with a little breeze.

Most mornings, there is quite a group running the trail through camp before the bell but this morning, it was very quiet until the first bell at 7:15.  But once it rang, it didn’t take long for the morning dippers to get ready and head to the lake for their morning swim.   There is also a group of campers that immediately head  for the ping-pong tables when the first bell rings while others head to the basketball court to play Knock Out and of course some chose to stay in bed until they absolutely have to get up.

This morning’s activities included basketball, tennis, woodshop, sailing, riflery, the climbing wall, archery and beginner’s waterskiing. We have a new ski boat and it seems to be working well as a lot of campers got up on skis for the first time  during the 4 periods of beginner’s waterskiing today. There are pictures on Shutterfly of the campers skiing in just one of the periods — I wish we could have gotten everyone’s first ski!

The Lower Bunkline Second Half trip left from the canoe dock this afternoon.  They canoed from camp a couple of miles down the lake to a great camp site where they will spend the night on the shores of Panther Pond.


The Second Session Lower Bunkline trip at the camp site

This afternoon at camp, there was Beginner’s water skiing again and archery, handicrafts, paddle boarding, nature, riflery, sailing, woodshop, soccer, baseball, tennis and basketball. And of course swimming!

Tonight was a free evening with Kickball, Ultimate Frisbee, Tennis Baseball, Tennis, Basketball, Ping-pong, gaga ball, and more but with the added twist of having the sprinklers running on the field which felt great on a hot night.


Great way to stay cool on a hot night

There was still time for dips before bed.  I think everyone will sleep well tonight.



July 28th, 2016

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Wednesday, July 27

Another perfect summer day!   Woke up to sun and it remained sunny all day with a nice breeze and temps in the 80s!

The campers and counselors going on the Acadia Camping Trip were up early, had breakfast and were on their way to Acadia National Park before breakfast.  They will spend 2 nights camping in the national park and tomorrow will spend most of the day biking the Carriage Trails in the park.  The 5 day trip is still out and the Second Half Upper Bunkline trip returned before lunch.  They had a great time  – taking both a morning and an afternoon hike on Tuesday, camping and swimming. (Don’t forget to check out the Second Half Camping trip pictures on Shutterfly)

This morning, choices included archery, handicrafts, nature, paddleboarding, riflery, sailing, woodshop, tennis and waterskiing.

This afternoon, there was a 12 & under soccer practice, waterskiing, tennis, basketball, woodshop, sailing, riflery, paddleboarding, handicrafts (where many campers started tie dye shirts), baseball hitting practice, archery and of course swimming.  There was a great breeze all afternoon so there was some awesome sailing.  The lake was the perfect place to be no matter what you were doing.

It’s Wednesday so it was Jimmy Buffett and like every other Wednesday this summer, the conditions were just right for eating outside.  Then it was up to the field for flag lowering and a free evening with kickball, tennis, basketball, Red River Bingo, a whiffle ball game on Beginner’s Beach with one of the bases in the water (as well as other ways to get wet),  ultimate frisbee, ping-pong and more.  When the bell rang,  everyone headed for their cabins  and got ready for a quick dip ending yet another great day.

The colors are great - can't wait to see the final product!

The colors are great – can’t wait to see the final product!


July 27th, 2016

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Tuesday, July 26

As has happened several nights this summer, a thunderstorm rolled in after everyone was in bed.  It wasn’t very loud but it did bring some much needed rain and by morning, the sun was out again.  It was another perfect hot summer day!

The barn was significantly quieter at breakfast this morning with 3 trips out!  Everyone had swim this morning, as usual and for activities, could chose between archery, climbing wall, handicrafts, kayaking, nature, riflery, siaing, woodshop, and tennis.

There were still three trips out at lunch so again, the dining room was quieter than normal.  The Busy Bee Laundry Truck arrived just as we were leaving the barn and everyone picked up their laundry on their way down to the cabin.

This afternoon, an 11 & under baseball team traveled to a neighboring camp where they had an exciting high scoring game losing in the last inning when the other team hit a homerun!  Back at camp, choices included lacrosse, tennis, basketball, woodshop, sailing (both racing practice and regular), riflery, handicrafts, gaga ball, whiffle ball, and archery.  Of course everyone had the chance to swim again which felt great as it was in the high 80s this afternoon.  The kayak trip returned just as we were heading into dinner.  They had an awesome trip!


Whitewater kayak trip

Tonight, there was a Twilight League game between Burger Kings and Dubious Pines.   There was also soccer, tennis, a trip to the Timanous spring, fishing, ultimate frisbee, canoeing, basketball, as well as card games and gaga ball.  When the bell rang, everyone went to their cabins and got ready for dips!  Another perfect day.

The Timanous Spring Trip

Tonight’s trip to the Timanous Spring

July 26th, 2016

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Monday, July 25

Another beautiful day — there were thunderstorms predicted for this afternoon and the skies did darken a bit around dinner time but that was all.  Highs were in the low 80s.

Today was a busy day with three camping trips departing – the 5 day campers were up early, ate breakfast and were on the road to Lake Aziscohos before flag raising.  They will be traveling by canoe for the next four days and will return to camp on Friday.

Another group of campers left after breakfast for Grafton Notch where they will camp for two days, hiking tomorrow.   And yet another group left after lunch for Great Glens Trails where they will camp tonight and then whitewater kayak tomorrow.

Back at camp, morning activities included archery, handicrafts, paddle boarding, nature, riflery, sailing, woodshop, running  and tennis.

Everyone brought their full laundry bags up on their way to lunch and loaded it into the Busy Bee Laundry truck.   It will be back tomorrow at the end of lunch.

This afternoon, choices included  archery, handicrafts, riflery, sailing, woodshop, tennis, 11 & under baseball practice, canoeing, tennis, basketball, as well as gaga ball, ping pong, a fantasy football draft and of course swimming!

After dinner, it was up to the hall for some singing with Dave on autoharp, Jason on guitar and Brooks on banjo.

July 25th, 2016

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Saturday & Sunday


Saturday started out as another great summer day – hot and sunny.   It was a late sleep which a lot of people needed as there had been some loud thunderstorms during the night which woke some people up but many others slept right through them all!

The morning was a regular Saturday morning schedule with Free Time/Free Swim.  So after breakfast and cabin cleanup, campers could chose from archery, canoeing, climbing wall, games on the field, handicrafts, paddleboard, nature, riflery, sailing, baseball, water skiing, badminton and gaga ball.   It was already 80 degrees and humid when the bell rang for swim so everyone enjoyed the chance to jump into the lake.

During the lunch announcements, we learned that there would be  Capture the Flag that afternoon and the barn erupted with cheering!   The new second session campers learned if they were a Gray or a Green and during Quiet Hour, the campers and counselors prepared for the game by dressing in their team’s color with some putting on face paint.  There was a lot of exciting action but the sky started to grow dark during the second game and while the game continued when the rain started to fall, it quickly became obvious a more significant thunderstorm was approaching so the game was cancelled and everyone  headed to their cabin to wait it out.

Shortly afterwards, the storm did hit with some heavy rain and some exciting thunder and lightening.   But it didn’t last long and the sun was back out by the start of free time so once again, campers were back out, choosing between swimming, archery, riflery, sailing, handicrafts, tennis, basketball, canoeing and beginner’s water skiing.  (While everybody and everything was safe at camp, we did lose our internet for about 24 hours but it is back now.)

Unfortunately, the sun didn’t stay out long and just before everyone was getting ready to head to their cabin’s cookout site for Saturday night cookouts, it started to rain again so instead, everyone went to the barn for indoor cookouts!  After dinner, it was off to the hall for an amazing magic performance by Norman Ng.

The air changed with the last thunderstorm Saturday night and the humidity was gone so a great night for sleeping.   Sunday morning was a late sleep and when the campers and counselors came up the bunkline, there were dressed in their Sunday uniforms and went right to the field where we lined up for the all camp photo.   Then it was off to breakfast — cereal, toast, yogurt, oatmeal, scrambled eggs, sausage and hash browns  – before going back to the cabins for cabin clean up which on Sunday includes changing the sheets and writing a letter home.

Ruben Pinto, one of our new international head counselors, bravely volunteered to lead this week’s chapel and spoke about how with hard work and determination you can obtain your goals.

This afternoon, a group of campers went to Little Wohelo to play tennis while another group went to Big Wohelo for tennis and sailing.   Everyone at camp could chose between  archery, canoeing, games on the field, climbing wall, handicrafts, kayaking, nature, paddleboard, riflery, sailing, basketball, baseball, tennis, running and of course swimming for all.  After dinner we had a very nice Council Fire which is always a wonderful way to wrap up the week.


July 23rd, 2016

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Friday, July 22

It was muggy and warm even before the first bell rang and it actually reached 90 degrees this afternoon so it was a great day for hanging out in the lake.

At the Lake

This morning was regular activities with archery, riflery, climbing wall, handicrafts, nature, woodshop, sailing, canoeing, tennis, soccer, and basektball.  Both the upper and lower bunklines had fun games at swim  – water polo for the upper and crazy games for the lower.

The Katahdin trip returned to camp mid-morning and reported a fantastic trip.  It was a strenuous climb but everyone  made it to the top and was rewarded by great views.


Mt. Kathadin Group

This afternoon it was “Friday Trips” which is a Timanous tradition and also mixes up the schedule a bit.  Two groups of campers, 10 & under soccer and 12 & under baseball went to a neighboring camp to play.  The Hawks (minus some soccer players) went to the Maine Wildlife Park where they saw bear, moose, deer, and other wild Maine animals.  The rest of the campers chose between climbing Rattlesnake Mountain, a 2+ mile canoe trip to Hawthorne Point on Panther Pond, a sailing trip, or staying at camp for the first annual Adirondack golf tournament.    Everyone was back at camp for a swim and Friday Candy.

Tonight was a Free Evening with a Twilight League Game between Bulbasaur and  Kungfurries with lots of other great activities but perhaps the favorite was the swim/dip when the bell rang and before heading into the cabins.

July 22nd, 2016

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Thursday, July 21


Another beautiful day with temps in the 80s and a nice breeze.

The second regatta of the week was today at Wohelo so the sailors were ready to go when they came up for breakfast, ate quickly and were on the road for an awesome day of sailing.

Today's Sailors

Back at camp, it was a normal day – activities included archery, the climbing wall, 10 & under soccer practice, 12 & under baseball practice, riflery, woodshop, tennis, handicrafts, and waterskiing.

This afternoon, a 12 & under Soccer and a 15 & under Baseball team traveled to a neighboring camp for some competition.  For everyone else, activities to chose from included archery, canoeing and boating, softball practice, handicrafts, paddleboard, riflery, sailing, woodshop, tennis and of course swimming!

Tonight was a Free Evening with a Twilight League Game between Beasts of Yeast and Whitecastle. There was also a game of tennis baseball, ultimate frisbee, tennis, basketball, badminton, gaga ball, ping pong, canoeing, and board and/or card games in the barn.  When the bell rang at 7:45, everyone headed to their cabin and those who wanted to, took a quick dip.

Here is a time lapse of the burning of the bonfire on Tuesday  –

July 21st, 2016

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Wednesday, July 20


Another beautiful day!  The bonfire was still smoldering but just a tiny pile compared to the huge pile that was there yesterday.

The Mt. Katahdin Group

The Mt. Katahdin Group

A group of campers and counselors ate quickly and left before breakfast was over to make the drive to Baxter State Park where they will camp the next two night.  Tomorrow, they will climb Mt. Katahdin, the highest mountain in Maine and if the weather predictions are correct, they should have some awesome views along the way – especially at the top.

A regular day for everyone else.  Signups after breakfast with activity choices including archery, 12 & under soccer practice, handicrafts, beginner and regular kayaking, riflery, sailing, woodshop and running.

This afternoon, there was a 10 & under kickball game here against a visiting camp and an away 15 &  under basketball game, sailing – both regular and racing practice, handicrafts, riflery, woodshop, tennis, paddle boarding, and canoeing.  During Free Time, all of those activities were open and of course gaga ball, ping-pong, pickup soccer on the field, as well as having  time to read, play card games, etc.

Wednesday dinner is always “Jimmy Buffett” and it was the perfect night for eating outside. When the dinner bell rings, everyone gathers outside the barn.  Dave asks trivia questions and when someone gets it correct, their whole cabin can enter the barn and get their food which is served buffet style with lots of choices.  And then it’s outside to eat.

Tonight was a free evening with  lots of different choices including  ultimate frisbee, soccer, tennis, “chilling on the  hill”, canoeing and boating, games in the barn and more.   There was also a TwiLight League Softball game .  All of the campers are on a team and the new campers learned which team they are on — the teams have crazy names so ask your son which team he is on. Tonight’s game was between Life of Guapo and Lunch Losers.




July 20th, 2016

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Tuesday, July 19

The first full day of the second session and we woke to another beautiful summer day — cooler and less humid than it has been with some crazy wind patterns but an awesome day overall!

A group of sailors were up early, had breakfast and were on their way  to a regatta before the rest of us headed into breakfast.


The Sailors

For everyone else, it was regular sign-ups — the first for the campers who arrived yesterday. Choices this morning included archery, climbing wall, Spike ball, handicrafts, paddleboarding, riflery, sailing, woodshop, running and of course everyone had their swim.

This afternoon, it was sign-ups again and choices were archery, canoeing, handicrafts, kayaking, riflery, sailing, woodshop, tennis, 15 & under basketball practice.  The same activities were available during Free time with a few additions – soccer, tennis, ping-pong and gaga ball.

There was a lot of excitement during the cabin activities tonight and when the final bell rang to mark the end of evening activities,  everyone headed to Beginner’s Beach for the much anticipated burning of the bonfire!!! With a little rain this week at night, the conditions were finally right.  It got a slow start but once it caught, it was an awesome fire.

bonfire 2 e1468978423113 960x720

For the first time that anyone can remember, the burning of the bonfire carried over to the second half due to the dry conditions.  It is a tradition that the youngest boy in camp helps to light the fire but because the camper who was the youngest when the fire was built on July 4th was no longer the youngest, it seemed only right that the two of them help to light the fire.

July 19th, 2016

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