July 10

Another perfect day!  

Pretty much a regular morning with a few exceptions.   A 15 & under soccer team was up early, ate breakfast and on their way to a 6-a-side soccer tournament at one of our neighboring camps and the Hawks cabin left on their camping trip which included a hike up Rattlesnake Mountain and a night camping on the shores of Sebago Lake.   At camp, activities available included  archery, beginners kayaking, beginners water skiing, tennis, woodshop, handicrafts, sailing, riflery, and nature.   

The skies were a little dark as we headed to lunch but by the time afternoon activities started, the sun was out and it stayed out the rest of the day.  Activities to chose from included archery, climbing wall, cricket, handicrafts, riflery, sailing, woodshop, tennis, waterskiing and lacrosse.   The Cardinals had a period of handicrafts to work on their square for the quilt.   The soccer players returned home at the beginning of free time.

Today we had a Community Dinner as part of our 100 year celebration.   We invited our neighbors on the lake as well as people in the community that we work with including the Raymond Fire Department, neighboring camps, the owners of Mulberry Farms, the organic farm that supplies much of our produce, Eunice, the woman who makes all of our birthday cakes, the owner of Busy Bee Laundry, our electrician, and many more.   The campers and counselors gave tours and we all enjoyed a cookout.  It was a beautiful evening and our guests really enjoyed seeing camp in action and were all very impressed with the campers and counselors they met.  It was a fun event.  

Tonight there were two Twilight League games  happening at the same time — one on the field and one on Beginner’s beach.  For those not playing softball, some of the available activities included ultimate frisbee, soccer, tennis, basketball, canoeing and boating.  When the bell rang, there was time for a quick dip for anyone who wanted to cool off before heading to bed. 

July 11th, 2017

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Sunday, July 9 – Hiiteni Sunday

No rain today!   Beautiful, sunny, low humidity with a great breeze.

It was a regular weekend late sleep so the first bell was at 7:45 with everyone up for flag raising by 8:20 and then off to breakfast.   Sunday morning usually includes a longer cabin cleanup, change of sheets, and Sunday letters but this morning, everyone hurried down to their cabin for a quick cabin cleanup before the bell rang at 9:45.   It was back up to the barn area and then into the vehicles for the 15 minute ride to our sister camp, Wohelo for the annual celebration of the camps’ founders.   Once at Wohelo, there was a little time to visit with sisters, cousins, friends before the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th generation campers and counselors lined up for a picture.   Then the three camps (Timanous, Big Wohelo and Little Wohelo) lined up and walked into the gathering place.   There was lots of singing as well as stories about the founders and history of the camps.   When it was over, there was a little more visiting time before the Timanous crew got back in the buses/vehicles and went back to camp just in time for lunch.

During Quiet Hour, there was time to finish cabin cleanup and write Sunday letters.   A group of tennis players and archers went back to Little Wohelo for the afternoon.   For everyone staying at camp, the afternoon schedule was Free Time, Free Swim, Free Time.   Activities during both Free Times included archer, soccer, handicrafts, gardening, sailing, tennis, kayaking, and riflery.  Waterskiing was open for the first Free Time.   Many boys, in their effort to find a great hiding spot for Tuesday’s Jr. Grandaddy Gorrilla game (a huge hide and seek game)  took advantage of having advisors available to answer  questions about what makes a good hiding spot, where to hide, and just what is “legal”.  

The day went so quickly – hard to believe when the bell rang for dinner.   Following a regular Sunday schedule, after dinner, we had flag lowering and then everyone crossed the street to go to Council Fire.   Then back across and down to the cabins for cabin meetings and to get ready for bed.  This week just flew by!!

Version 2 2 960x290

2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th Generation Campers and Counselors

IMG 8908 JPG 880x720

Tennis Players and Archers heading to Little Wohelo

July 9th, 2017

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Saturday, July 8

We woke to another beautiful morning.  As its Saturday, it was a late sleep. There was a lot of excitement at breakfast as we were hosting the annual Timanous Relays this morning.  Six neighboring camps (Wohelo, Arcadia, Agawam, Wawenock, Nashoba North and Netop) arrived around 9:30 and headed for our main swim docks to warm up and at 10 the meet began. The races are all relay races and arranged by age group. It was a beautiful day for a swim meet and great fun to have so many camps together.    Timanous campers swam great and demonstrated outstanding sportsmanship.    

For campers not swimming, it was a Free Time.   Many of them chose to cheer on their friends either from the shore or in canoes, kayaks or paddle boards.  Other activities available included swimming, soccer, handicrafts, nature, and tennis.  When the meet and free time ended, there was a free swim.

At the end of lunch, everyone headed to their cabins for Quiet Hour just as dark clouds with thunder and lightening arrived.  It may have showered a little but luckily everything passed and the sun was out again when it was time for the first afternoon activity.  This afternoon’s activities for both activity periods and free time included archery, canoeing, climbing wall, soccer, standup paddle boarding, riflery, handicrafts, nature, sailing, tennis, and waterskiing.   The Crows and Herons both had a period of Handicrafts to work on their cabin’s square for the 100th quilt and everyone had a free swim.  

At the end of Free Time, just as everyone was headed to their cookout site for Saturday night Cabin Cookouts, the dark clouds, thunder and this time heavy rain arrived.  So it was a quick dash to the cabins to wait it out but it was all over in about 20 minutes  so it was back to the cookout sites.   Dinner was a little later than normal but the sun was back out and a great evening for a cookout.   Cookouts were followed by cabin activities with each cabin doing their own  group activity – some on land and some in the water.  An exception was  the Crows (oldest campers) and Mallards (youngest campers) who had their cookouts and evening activity together. 

Version 2 960x301

Timanous Relay Crowd

Version 2 1 960x257

Watching from the boats

July 8th, 2017

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Friday, July 7

Tomorrow, we will be hosting the annual Timanous Swim Relays so in preparation , there was a swim practice this morning during instructional swim.  The Crogles and Loons each had a period of Handicrafts – we are working on a quilt to mark the 100th year and each cabin is designing their own square.  The quilt will be assembled in time for the 100th Reunion and there is a place where the alumni will sign their name.   We are  very excited about it.   Other activities open this morning included archery, the climbing wall, kayaking, riflery, sailing, woodshop, tennis, waterskiing and basketball. 

This afternoon, we had a group of fishermen head to a nearby camp for a fishing derby and another group for 11 & under and 13 & under 3 on 3 basketball.  For everyone else, it was “Friday Trips” which have been a Timanous tradition for over 50 years.  One of the original trips was a 4 mile hike from camp to South Casco, crossing 302 and other roads safe at the time but we wouldn’t consider having campers walk on today.  They were then driven back to camp in the back of an open pick up truck. Things have changed just slightly!!

JHSTruck47 300x247

1949 – On the way back to camp after hiking to South Casco

Our trips today included a hike up Rattlesnake Mountain which is 15 minutes from camp and provides great views of Panther Pond from the top; Sailing, kayaking and canoeing trips which with an extended period were able to  venture farther down Panther Pond than a regular period allows; and a soccer clinic at camp.   Everyone was back at camp by 4 for a dip followed by Free Time and Friday Candy.  Activities during Free Time included handicrafts, baseball, campcraft, riflery, tennis, basketball, archery, canoeing, climbing wall, soccer, and gaga ball.  

Tonight, following flag lowering, the Crows left to attend a dance at Camp Arcadia.   Everyone else headed to the hall for a movie.  Good night to relax after a very active week!  

July 7th, 2017

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Thursday, July 6

Another beautiful day — a little cooler and windier than the last few but still beautiful.

It was another busy morning with lots of activities — archery, soccer, handicrafts, riflery, sailing, woodshop, tennis, and beginner waterskiing in addition to regular swims. The Herons cabin returned mid-morning from their camping trip with great reports.  Lunch was spaghetti and meatballs, salad bar with so many choices and ginger bread for desert.  

A 15 & under soccer team went to a neighboring camp to play this afternoon.  Everyone else had so many choices of activities!  archery, canoeing, cricket, basketball, handicrafts, standup paddle boarding, nature, riflery, sailing, woodshop, waterskiing, lacrosse, and campcraft.  

After dinner, it was a Free evening with a Twilight league game between Beast Of Yeast and the Cleveland Tutor Browns, canoeing and boating, ultimate frisbee, soccer, tennis, basketball and more.   When the bell rang at 7:45, campers could take a quick dip before getting ready for bed.  

July 6th, 2017

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Wednesday, July 5

It was pretty quiet this morning before the first bell — I didn’t see many early morning runners — I think people were tired after the busy day yesterday.  It was another perfect day.   Highs reached the 80s, sunny, low humidity and a great breeze.

The Falcons left on their camping trip right after breakfast.  They are spending 2 nights in Mt. Blue State Park in Weld, Maine and will hike tomorrow. 

It was a regular morning with instructional swim for everyone else.  Choices for activity periods were archery, fishing, soccer, nature, riflery, sailing, woodshop, basketball, beginner water skiing and knot tying in campcraft.  Quite a few campers got up on skis this morning which was very exciting!

The Herons left for their camping trip after lunch.   They will canoe down Pleasant Lake to an awesome campsite where they will spend the night.  A great night for camping. 

We continued with a regular schedule this afternoon.  Activity choices  after Quiet Hour included archery, 15 & under soccer practice, handicrafts, standup paddleboard, riflery, sailing, woodshop, tennis, regular waterskiing and basketball.  Everyone had Free Swim.   During Free Time, the head of woodshop, Dusty, demonstrated how to turn a bowl on a lathe for interested campers.  Everyone else had a variety of activities to chose from which included most of the activities from early this afternoon. 

It was a great night both for Jimmy Buffett and eating outside as well as free evening.  There was a Twilight League game.  Some of the activities for those not playing softball included Adirondack golf, ultimate frisbee, tennis, basketball, gaga ball, spike ball, and a somewhat rare event,  evening sailing — most evenings, the wind had died down but tonight, there was a great breeze. 

Another perfect summer day!

July 5th, 2017

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July 4th

What a day we have had!   It was a perfect summer day and a busy one!

The Crogles were up early. They ate breakfast, packed up their camping gear and returned to camp before the first activity period.    Following the July 4th tradition, this morning’s activity was  collecting wood for the July 4th Bonfire. Everyone worked hard and the resulting pile of wood was enormous!   Unlike last year when it was too dry to burn in on the 4th, the rain we had last week helped make perfect conditions for burning it tonight.

It was free swim after bonfire building which felt great after working hard.   I wish I could share the sounds coming from the lake during the swim as it is just a lot of happy chatter – you just have to smile. 

When the announcement was made after lunch  that we would be playing Capture the Flag this afternoon, the barn erupted in cheering  — I’m sure the excitement could be heard across the lake.   The games were action packed and a lot of fun.   Everyone was ready once again for Free Swim as there is no better place to be on a beautiful summer day then in the lake.   Free Swim was followed by Free Time.   Available activities included: archery, canoeing, climbing wall, soccer, standup paddleboard, handicrafts, kayaking, nature, riflery, sailing, baseball, tennis, tennis, gaga ball and ping-pong.  

We had a July 4th cookout with hamburgers and  hotdogs for dinner followed by a Free Evening.  The bell rang at 7:55 and everyone headed to Beginner’s Beach for the lighting of the Bonfire.   Tradition has the  youngest boy in camp light the fire with Dave.  It couldn’t have been a more perfect night for lighting the bonfire nor a more perfect bonfire.  It burned very fast and put off a lot of heat.  Then it was off to bed and I’m sure everyone will sleep well.  

Make sure to check out the pictures as we had lots of photographers today and lots of pictures.

IMG 6413 e1499224068211 658x720

July 4th, 2017

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Monday, July 3

Another perfect day!

This morning was a little different as prior to flag raising, everyone lined up for the all camp picture, followed by individual cabin photos.  Breakfast was buffet style and once campers and counselors had gone through the line to get their food, they could sit where ever they wanted.   

Following breakfast, it was a regular morning.   Activities to chose from included archery, fishing, fire building at campcraft, handicrafts, nature, riflery, sailing, woodshop, beginner water skiing and pingpong.  Monday is laundry day so on the way up to lunch, everyone brought their dirty laundry bags which were significantly larger than last week when campers had only been here for 4 days.

This afternoon, both an archery and a tennis team headed to a nearby camp to play and another group of pingpong players attended a tournament with 3 other camps. The Crogles also left in canoes on their camping trip.  They canoed to the other end of the lake to an awesome camp site where they will have dinner, spend the night and return tomorrow before lunch.

Back at camp, activity choices included archery, climbing wall,  handicrafts, kayaking, riflery, sailing , woodshop, tennis, basketball, nature, soccer, canoeing, and one of our counselors from England introduced cricket.  Everyone also had Free Swim which was a welcome activity on a beautiful summer day. 

Tonight was a free evening with a Twilight League game, soccer, tennis, bocce ball, lacrosse,  ping-pong, ultimate frisbee and more.   

July 3rd, 2017

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Sunday, July 2

The rain is gone!  The weather has changed – today was a perfect summer day with no rain expected!  It really rained hard last night when we were at the magic show. It let up just when everyone headed to their cabins but soon after lights out, there was another downpour.  Luckily, today is a good drying day. 

It was a late sleep today as it usually is on Sundays.  We had a big breakfast starting with hot and cold cereal, choices of fruit, yogurt, and toast followed by scrambled eggs, potatoes, and sausage.   Then down to the cabins for an extended cabin cleanup which includes changing bed sheets and writing a Sunday letter.   When the bell rang at 10:45, everyone headed to chapel where head counselor, Pat Hayes gave a great talk reminding us “not to sweat the small stuff” but he said it much more eloquently.   (We hope to post his talk under 2017 Chapel Talks in the right hand column shortly).

It was a busy afternoon with lots of activities and the weather couldn’t have been any better.   Three groups of Timanous campers went to Wohelo  – one for Sunday Sailing, another for Archery and still another for tennis.   Back at camp,  the afternoon schedule was FreeTime/Free Swim/Free Time with the same activities available for both Free Times: archery, canoeing, climbing wall, soccer, standup paddleboard, kayaking, nature, sailing, tennis and water skiing.  Baseball, gaga ball and ping pong were added to the second Free Time.

When dinner was over, everyone lined up for flag lowering and then crossed the road for Council Fire. After a full week of camp, this weeks list of awards and commendations was much longer than last Sunday’s. From Council Fire, it was straight to the cabins to get ready for bed, have a little cabin time and then lights out.   The end of a great week  — the days are really flying by.   



July 2nd, 2017

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Saturday, July 1

This morning was Late Sleep which means the first bell rang at 7:45. Everyone was up for flag raising at 8:15 and breakfast at 8:30.  During morning announcements, when it was announced that this morning would be the first Capture the Flag game (or CFlag) of the summer, the crowd went wild!   New campers learned if they were on the Green or the Gray team and an explanation was given as to how to dress if you are a Green or a Gray.    Then it was down to the cabins for cabin cleanup and to get ready for the game. 

When the bell rang, everyone came to the bottom of the hill and gathered by team.  As it was the first game of the year, time was spent explaining the rules and then the teams met to plan their strategy before the bell rang announcing the start of the first game.   There were two really exciting games with a lot of action on both sides.  There was a Free Swim at the end of the games which was great as the sun had come out and it pretty warm. 

Once again, thunderstorms rolled in just as it was time for the first afternoon period to start and temporarily interrupted the schedule but luckily, not for long and then everything was back to normal.   Afternoon activities included  archery, climbing wall, soccer, handicrafts, kayaking, nature, riflery, sailing, standup paddle board, tennis, waterskiing and basketball.  During Free Time, campers had the opportunity to attend a magic workshop with Peter Boie who also performed for the full camp this evening.

Saturday evenings are usually cabin cookouts but between the downpour in the early afternoon left everything very soggy  and  the threatening skies around dinner, the decision was made to have an all camp cookout.  We all ate in the barn and campers sat with the cabin rather at their assigned tables.  

Then it was up to the hall where Peter Boie amazed us with his magic!  

IMG 6351 e1499006668377 264x300


July 1st, 2017

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