July 19

It was already 70 degrees when the first bell rang at 7:45 and it hit a high of 86 this afternoon.  We’ve had a lot of beautiful warm days this summer but this was one of the few hot summer days — it felt great!

A group of campers and counselors were up before the first bell, packed and ready to for their trip to Baxter State Park where they will camp for 2 nights and tomorrow climb the tallest mountain in Maine, Mt. Katahdin.   They ate an early breakfast and were on their way.  Hopefully they have a clear day for the climb.

For everyone else, it was a regular morning.  Available for sign-ups — fishing, archery, handicrafts, riflery, sailing, woodshop and regular waterskiing.   When breakfast was over, the campers signuped for their morning activity and then headed to the cabins for cabin clean-up.  There is a 9:30 bell to signal the first signup — the lower bunkline campers (Mallards, Eagles, Hawks, Crogles and Herons) head to the activity they signed up for while the upper bunkline (Falcons, Loons, Ravens, Cardinals and Crows) head to the docks for instructional swim.   When the bell rings at 10:30, they switch — the lower bunkline heads to swim and the upper bunkline to their activity.   At 11:30, everyone returned to their cabin and settled in for Flat Rest — the campers spend a half hour on their beds, they can read, write letters or take a nap but must be on their beds.  Many years ago, campers were required to lay flat on their bed, no reading or writing  – hence the name Flat Rest.    

The next bell is at 12:15 and everyone heads toward the barn for lunch at 12:30.  At the end of lunch, campers sign up once again for activities — available this afternoon for signups were archery, the climbing wall, soccer, handicrafts, paddle boarding, riflery, sailing, woodshop, tennis and basketball.  After signing up, its back to the cabins for Quiet Hour.  During this time, campers can play games with their cabin mates, or again read or write.  The next bell is at 2:30 – the lower bunkline heads to free swim and the upper bunkline is off to the activity they signed up for. The 3:30 bell has the upper bunkline heading to free swim and the lower bunkline to their activity.  At 4:30, its off to Free Time.  During Free Time, campers can go to any of the open activities and they do not have to stay at one activity for the whole period but are free to switch between them.  They can also  fish, play ping-pong or come up with their own activity. Today during Free Time, in addition to all the activities open earlier this afternoon, there was canoeing and boating and lifeguards were at Main Dock and Beginners for anyone who wanted to take another dip.

At the end of Free Time, it was time to gather for  dinner which was followed tonight with a Free Evening and the first Twilight League games of the second session.   Everyone in camp is assigned to a Twilight Leagues Team and its just for fun.  The second session campers found out which team they are on.  Tonight was a double header with a game on the baseball field and one on Beginner’s Beach. For those who were not playing in a game tonight, there was soccer, tennis, basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, canoeing and much more.  When the final bell of the day rang at 7:45, most campers took a quick dip before getting ready for bed.  

July 19th, 2017

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Around the barn before Flag Raising

When the first bell rings, some campers are already dressed and run up the bunkline to be first at the ping-pong tables.  Ping-Pong is huge.  We recently purchased a new table as a replacement for one that is in tough shape but due to the popularity, the new table became the third ping-pong table rather than replacing the old one!   You will find campers playing any free time — this happens to be before flag raising. 

IMG 6634 300x206

Not everyone plays ping-pong during this time.  The group on the left in the picture below, sitting at the picnic table have a card game going and the group on the right, in chairs are just sitting around talking – activities you don’t always see kids doing outside of camp when cell phones are available. This is all happening between the first bell (7:15) and flag raising around 7:50. Groups gather in various places around the barn to hang out while many campers go immediately to the basketball court to shoot hoops.  It is really great to see them interacting face to face. 

IMG 6632 300x183

IMG 6633 300x195

July 19th, 2017

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July 18

It was a little overcast this morning and there was a brief shower this afternoon but the rest of the day was perfect.

It was a regular morning.  The bell rang at 7:15 and everyone had come up the bunkline by 7:45 for flag raising and then off to breakfast. A group of sailors was up earlier, had breakfast and was heading off to a regatta at a neighboring camp just as the rest of us headed to breakfast.  With orientation for the “new to Timanous” campers completed yesterday, everyone was ready to sign up for their activities after breakfast.  Choices included archery, canoeing, handicrafts, kayaking, nature, riflery, sailing, woodshop, tennis and campcraft.  

The laundry was back after lunch and at the end of Quiet Hour, a 15 & under baseball team traveled to a neighboring camp for a game.  For everyone else, activities to chose from included archery, soccer, handicrafts, paddle boarding, nature, riflery, sailing, woodshop and tennis.  There was a brief shower with some rumbles of thunder – enough to shorten Free Swim but it all passed quickly and the sun was back out.  Free Time included all the activities just mentioned plus spike ball, climbing wall, canoeing and basketball.

After flag lowering, it was off to cabin activities – the Mallards and Crows played Wolf Over the Hill – there was Tennis Baseball, Castle ball, soccer and several other crazy activities.   Then down to the cabins at 7:45 to get ready for bed after a busy and fun summer day!  

July 19th, 2017

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July 17

An awesome day!  The weather was perfect.  There was a lot of excitement this morning in anticipation of the second session campers arrival.   The “Lice Aunties” were set up and ready at 7:15 to start checking heads.  After breakfast, it was back down to the cabins for a thorough cleanup in preparation of the new arrivals.  Most of the campers then headed off to activities: archery, fishing, soccer, basketball, handicrafts, riflery, sailing, woodshop, and tennis while the Crows, the oldest campers who had each been assigned as a buddy to a brand new camper,  waited by the barn for their buddies.  The second session campers started arriving exactly at 10am and almost everyone was here and settled in their cabin by 11:30.   

This afternoon, the brand new campers had orientation in sailing, woodshop, riflery and archery while the full session and returning second session campers had signups with choices of archery, climbing wall, soccer, handicrafts, nature, riflery, sailing, woodshop, tennis,.  There was also a 15 & under baseball practice for anyone who wants to play in the game tomorrow.  At Free Time, the brand new campers headed to the swim docks for a swim test and then had a tour of camp.

After dinner, it was an all camp activity on the field — lots of fun, music, laughs and action – a  great way to get to know everyone in your cabin.   Then off for a quick dip before getting ready for bed.   Its great to have everyone here and with orientation complete, tomorrow will be a “regular” day.  

July 17th, 2017

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July 16

Today was a low key, relaxing day starting with a late sleep and a buffet breakfast.  Some campers and counselors were waiting to eat when the barn doors opened at 8:30 while others wandered up the bunkline at the last minute, 9:15.   Then down to the cabins for cabin cleanup which on Sunday is an extended clean up including changing bed sheets and writing a Sunday letter.  

Evan Cummings gave a very moving chapel talk this morning, leaving everyone something to think about as we start the second three and a half weeks.  

This afternoon, we had a special guest entertainer,  Chris Poulos, a world champion bicycle stunt rider who was able to provide a great message while performing bike stunts.  Everyone was mesmerized by his performance.   There was also a free swim which felt great as it was a hot and sunny afternoon. 

At the beginning of Free Time, it was make your own sundaes in the barn featuring 3 flavors of ice cream, vanilla, mint chocolate chip and oreo cookie all from the Mosquito plus lots  of toppings!  

After dinner, everyone had the chance to go tubing and it was the perfect night for it. Then off to bed as tomorrow is another exciting day and we look forward to welcoming the second session campers.  

July 16th, 2017

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July 15

The day started off gray and chilly.   There was much to do so breakfast was quick to allow extra time in the cabins for last minute packing and organizing.  Trunks and bags were tagged and placed outside the cabins where they were later picked up and taken to the field for pickup.  When the cabins were clean and the first session campers packed, it was off to activities. Handicrafts, archery, soccer, riflery, sailing, basketball, tennis, ping-pong, badminton and the gaga ball pit were all available.   Families arrived and some joined their sons at activities.  Free time was followed by a short swim and then flat rest. 

Lunch was buffet style with seating both inside and outside as we had lots of families joining us.  It was followed by a free time which gave campers the opportunity to take their family on a tour and/or to the activities. Somewhere along the way, the sun came out and it quickly got quite warm.  At 2:20,  we all joined on the field for flag lowering and then everyone made their way across the street to Council Fire.   It was a normal Council Fire with the exception that the first session campers received their physical awards.  

When Council Fire was over, it was time to say good bye to the First Session campers which was hard to do after spending 3 1/2 weeks together.  The first session campers will all be missed as it was a great group and it was an awesome first half.

Everyone still at camp headed to Free Swim which felt great as by then it was hot.   Free Swim was followed by a Free Time – available activities included archery, cricket, handicrafts, nature, riflery, sailing, tennis and basketball.    Instead of regular Saturday night cabin cookouts, we had an all camp cookout by the barn.   Then everyone went to the hall for a movie, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade which was a big hit.

It seems impossible that we are at the half way mark.  The first 3 1/2 weeks just flew by,   We miss the first session campers already but are also excited for the second session campers to arrive on Monday!  


July 15th, 2017

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Friday July 14

Slightly warmer this morning but the Polar Bears still had a chilly swim this morning.

It was a regular morning.  The first session campers’ laundry was back at the end of breakfast and it went down to the cabin to be packed in the trunks.  Then is was off to activities — archery, handicrafts, paddle boarding, nature, riflery, sailing, woodshop and waterskiing.   

At the end of lunch, the announcement was made that we would be playing capture the flag and everyone went wild!!!   Usually Quiet Hour is as the name says – quiet  — but today, the excitement could be heard down the bunkline as campers and counselors prepared for the games.  As always,  CFlag was very exciting with lots of action but when the games were over, everyone shook hands and headed off to Free Swim.   That was followed by Friday Candy and Free Time with archery, canoeing, climbing wall, cricket, handicrafts, riflery, sailing, basketball and for all the first session campers – TUBING!!  

Diner was followed by Free Evening with soccer, tennis, basketball, ultimate frisbee, corn hole, Adirondack golf, and many other activities.  Then it was off to the cabins to get ready for bed.   Really hard to believe tomorrow is the end of the first session.   The weeks have really flown by.  

July 14th, 2017

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Thursday July 13

What a difference a day makes!  Yesterday, it was 68 degrees when the first bell rang and reached the low 80s – a perfect Beach Day.   Today, it was 60 degrees and raining when the bell rang and that was the high for the day!  So glad we went to the beach yesterday.

A small group of sailors left right after breakfast for a regatta at Camp O-AT-KA.   For everyone else, there was an extended cabin clean up.  First session campers used the time to clean their trunks and gather their laundry.  When their counselor gave them the okay, they were off to their activity.  Sign up activities included archery, soccer, games in the hall, handicrafts, nature, riflery, sailing, woodshop and basketball.  Instructional swim was optional  due to the chilly temperatures and only a few hearty soles went while everyone else read or played games in the barn.  

The first session campers brought their laundry bags up on the way to lunch.   It will be back tomorrow morning in time for packing. 

Afternoon activities were the same as the morning with the addition of the climbing wall being open.  Everyone was running around and didn’t seem to mind the cooler temps although most still chose not to enter the water.  

Tonight we all went to the hall after dinner where the counselors entertained us with some funny skits and musical performances. Then it was off to the cabins to get ready for bed.  No dips tonight! Hoping tomorrow’s temps are a little more seasonal!  

July 13th, 2017

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July 12 – BEACH DAY!!!

The morning started early with a 7AM bell.   There was a quick Cabin Cleanup before everyone headed to flag raising and breakfast dressed in a bathing suit and long sleeve shirt.   When breakfast was over, everyone received special 100th Year green sunglasses,  the  buses were loaded and then off to Scarboro Beach.  It was a  perfect beach day — sunny and hot.  Lots of sunscreen!  Everyone had a great time.  The ocean was cold but that didn’t seem to stop many people.  There was lots of  castle building, body surfing, football, spike ball, and just hanging out.   A break for lunch and then it all began again.    We packed up mid-afternoon and arrived back at camp around 4PM for a quick dip in Panther Pond followed by a very short quiet period before the Wohelo relatives arrived to join us for Jimmy Buffet.  It was a  perfect night for eating outside and a Free Evening.   The Wohelo relatives left shortly after dinner but the Free Evening continued until the bell rang at 7:45.   There was time for quick dip before  getting ready for bed.   I think everyone will sleep well tonight!  

July 12th, 2017

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July 11

It was raining hard very early this morning but the skies had cleared by the time the first bell rang and despite earlier predictions, it was a another perfect day!

It was a regular morning with a great variety of activities to chose from:  beginner’s waterskiing, tennis, woodshop, sailing, riflery, nature, kayaking, handicrafts, soccer, and archery. Of course everyone also had instructional swim.   The Hawks returned from their trip just before lunch. 

During Quiet Hour, a group of rising 9th and 10th graders met with a representative of the High Mountain Institute to learn about their semester programs.  We have had two recent Timanous campers addend HMI and both loved it.  

This afternoon was Junior Granddaddy Gorilla.   When the bell rang to signal the end of Quiet Hour, the counselors all went to the hall and waited 20 minutes while the campers hid.  The counselors were released and began searching everywhere for the campers.   Its a large area to cover as some campers hid on the point.  In the end, a record 17 campers were not found!!!     Then it was off to free swim followed by Free Time with available activities being archery, canoeing, climbing wall, soccer, handicrafts, kayaking, nature, riflery, sailing, tennis, and basketball.  The Mallards left on their camping trip at the beginning of Free Time — they walked out to Crows Point where they will pitch their tents, cook their dinner and spend the night.  

At flag lowering, it was announced that tomorrow is BEACH DAY and the crowd went wild!  The entire camp will leave for the beach tomorrow after breakfast and it looks like it is going to be a great beach day!   Once everyone calmed down, it was off for Free Evening activities which included a Twilight League game, cricket practice, tennis, soccer, ultimate frisbee, ping pong just to name a few.   When the bell rang, there was time for a quick dip which always feels great after a busy warm day.  

July 11th, 2017

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