Camp is looking great and we can’t wait for everyone to arrive in  just a few weeks!  
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June 1st, 2017

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The Ice is Gone!

Last week, the lake was completely frozen to the point someone was out on their snowmobile but with some warm days there was lots of melting and the last of the ice went out Monday night.

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April 19th, 2017

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Sandy Tattersall 1952-2017

On Friday, March 3, 2017, Timanous lost a dear friend, colleague, mentor and leader. Sandy Tattersall died in Florida after his existing pulmonary fibrosis was complicated by recently contracting pneumonia.. His impact on Timanous over his 53 years was immeasurable as he progressed from a homesick 9 year old in Eagles to Crows Head Counselor to Program Director and staff supervisor. His wise counsel, wry humor, and positive encouragement have influenced thousands of campers and staff. Timanous celebrates its 100th year in 2017 and Sandy was a vital part of the camp for over 1/2 of those years. We will recognize his many contributions to Timanous this summer.



March 4th, 2017

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Monday, August 8

Another perfect day!!!

What better way to start the week than with Capture the Flag!!!  It was breakfast and cabin cleanup before the games could begin and when the game was announced, it was also announced NO face paint as we don’t want scare anyone with green faces at the end of camp.

Lack of face paint certainly didn’t diminish the excitement.  Two great games, very exciting, lots of action and lots of fun.  Then everyone was off to swim which felt great after all the running around.

Dirty laundry came up on the way to lunch and as it is the last laundry, the bags were stuffed and heavy.  It was a regular afternoon with lots of choices: archery, water skiing, tennis, wood shop, sailing, riflery, paddle boarding, handicrafts, baseball, canoeing.  A bell rang at 5:30 and a  huge crowd headed to the field to either participate in or watch the “Fastest Man Race” which is actually 3 races – lower bunkline campers, upper bunkline campers and counselors for one length of the field.  Very exciting, some very close races and some very fast runners!

Then more excitement after dinner with the Twilight League Championships between Burger Kings and Life of Guapo.


Life of Guapo



August 8th, 2016

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Saturday and Sunday

The prediction was for thunderstorms on Saturday and although it looked probable most of the day, none came and by mid-afternoon, the sky had cleared even though it remained muggy.

As with most weekend mornings, it was a late sleep so everyone was up for breakfast at 8:30. When it was announced after breakfast that the morning activity was CAPTURE THE FLAG – the barn erupted with cheers!!   So then it was back to the cabin for cabin cleanup and to get ready for the game by dressing in team colors and for some – face paint which you will see the remains of in Saturday’s pictures!

There were two very exciting games with the Grays and Greens each winning a game — hopefully there will be time for one more Capture the Flag game this week!

The afternoon was a regular Saturday afternoon with 2 sign-up periods followed by Free Time. The activities included archery, canoeing, handicrafts, paddleboard, kayaking, riflery, sailing,  tennis, soccer, tennis and swimming.  There was also a final  practice for the Music/Talent Show.

The bell rang at 5:30 and everyone returned to their cabin to prepare for Point Cookout — the final Saturday cookout which involves the entire camp going to Crows Point for a chicken barbecue.   The youngest cabin, Mallards leads the parade to the point with each cabin falling in behind.

From Point Cookout, it was off to the hall for the Music/Talent Show which was amazing!   There are a lot of talented people at camp and it was great fun to see them.   There were several original musical presentations, one by a camper who wrote and sang his song which was very well received and two by our trip counselors which were very funny.  Several campers played musical instruments (and it was obvious how much practice they have put in over the years) , one did a mashup of camp songs which was amazing, another performed a magic trick and there were two contortionists.   It was a great evening!

The air had changed by the time we woke up Sunday morning and the mugginess was gone — just a beautiful sunny summer day with a nice breeze.   It was another late sleep, breakfast and then off to cabin cleanup and writing the mandatory Sunday letter.  Michael Beam gave an awesome chapel talk which you can read by clicking on the link in the right hand column.  I hope to add the rest of this summer’s chapels in the next couple of days.

Sunday afternoon was a regular Sunday afternoon, (free time/free swim/free time) with lots of activity choices   — archery, canoeing, climbing wall, riflery, handicrafts, kayaking, nature, sailing with a racing practice, tennis, campcraft, tennis and water skiing.

After dinner, it was flag lowering and then the final Council Fire of the summer.  It was a gorgeous night as we all headed back to our cabins.


August 7th, 2016

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Friday, August 5

Today was a Timanous first –  “Daylight League Day” and everyone had a blast!.   The camp was divided into their TwiLight League Teams  not for softball games but for a day of fun and games. It was fast paced and lots of fun with lots of smiling faces — it was a huge success.  The weather also cooperated as it was another perfect summer day.

There were 8 teams, each with a  coach who directed their team as they rotated through the activities.   A real favorite – Tubing – took place at both Crows’ and Beginners’ docks and while waiting their turn to tube, the campers played beach games – spike ball, badminton, and noodle jousting.   On the field, there were relay races, hula hoop games and tennis baseball and/or kickball (batter’s choice).   In the barn, it was “A Minute To Win It” with 20 different games including Cup Stacking, Cookie Face, Elephant March, Noodling Around, Spin Doctor, Card Throw, A Bit Dicey and 13 other crazy games  (ask your camper to explain!).

The  Daylight League Day activities ended at 3:30 and everyone headed to swim which felt great as it was a warm day. When swim was over, the campers went in search of Friday Candy which instead of being in it’s regular place on top of the hill, was hidden but it didn’t take long to find.  At free time, while many of the regular activities were open (archery, riflery, sailing, handicrafts, soccer, tennis, ping-pong, ) but there was also a giant Slip’n Slide set up on the field.

After dinner, it was a Free Evening with a Twilight League game, the winner of which will be in the final playoff game on Monday.  There was also ultimate frisbee, soccer, tennis, canoeing and boating, games in the barn, ping-pong, and more followed by a quick dip before bed.   I think everyone will sleep well tonight which will be good as there are a couple of special activities tomorrow also!


August 5th, 2016

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Wednesday & Thursday

Everything is happening so quickly, it is hard to keep up!!!

Wednesday was a gorgeous summer day and Thursday was even better as it was a little warmer with a beautiful breeze.

Wednesday morning, the bell rang as normal but there was a choice to sleep late as it was a buffet breakfast and while there were some who took advantage of the late sleep,  most  were too hungry to sleep and were waiting for the doors to open at 8.

When breakfast was over, everyone gathered for morning announcements and sign-ups.  Activities to choose from included water skiing, tennis, woodshop, sailing, riflery, nature, handicrafts (leather work), soccer and archery.

Wednesday afternoon, there was a choice of activities but the majority of campers chose to take part in what has become an annual Timanous Flag Football Tournament.  Those who wanted to play were divided into teams of mixed ages and enjoyed a double period of football followed by a swim.

For those not playing football, activities to choose from included archery, climbing wall, handicrafts, kayaking, riflery, sailing and woodshop.  Canoeing and Music show practice were also added during Free Time along with the regulars (ping-pong, tennis, basketball, gaga ball, soccer, etc).

As it was Wednesday, dinner was Jimmy Buffett and once again, it was a great night for eating outside.    Then it was off to flag lowering before everyone headed  to the hall for “Horse Races” which you will have to ask your camper to explain but it involved the counselors dressing in crazy costumes and is always lots of fun.


Thursday morning was a regular morning with a regular sit down breakfast.  Thursday is  unofficial donut day so we had donuts this morning — we are very lucky that the Village Donut Shop located on Route 302 in Raymond delivers them fresh baked!

A group of sailors ate early and left at the beginning of breakfast for the last regatta of the year.  Here at camp, activities to choose from included archery, fishing, baseball, riflery, sailing, woodshop, tennis, and water skiing.  It is especially busy at the swim docks as campers close to passing their level try to finish the requirements.


Todays Sailors

In the middle of the lunch announcements, one of the counselors got up and started dancing – a signal for the rest of the counselors to do the same which was the prelude to the major announcement that tonight is the Timanous/Wohelo dance here at Timanous!

The girls were scheduled to arrive at 5 so there were still afternoon activities which included archery, canoeing (practicing swamping and rescues), handicrafts, paddleboarding, riflery, sailing, woodshop, tennis, basketball, climbing wall, soccer, and of course swimming.

Big Wohelo campers arrived right around 5PM.  We had a buffet dinner and everyone sat outside. When dinner was over, it was up to flag lowering and then the  Wohelo campers and the Timanous upper bunkline campers headed for the barn which had been transformed into a dance floor.   The lower bunkline campers remained on the field playing games for awhile longer before also joining the dance.   Two of our counselors were the DJs and they did a great job.  Everyone was still very excited as they headed to their cabins when the dance ended around 8:30.

Today, we had another exciting event today.  If you haven’t been to Crows’  Point yet, you get to it by continuing down the  bunkline path,  past Crows cabin, until you can’t walk any further. We think it’s a beautiful spot – its a point of land – you can see the rest of the lake – for many it’s a special place including the former camper who called yesterday to ask if he could bring his girlfriend to visit camp, swore me to secrecy and then told me that his plan was to ask her to marry him when they were at Crow’s Point.  I managed to play it cool when they stopped by my office to say hi before they walked the bunkline and was thrilled when they returned as she said YES!  Not giving any names yet as they needed time to tell their families but we are very excited for them and thrilled Timanous played a role.

August 4th, 2016

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Tuesday, August 2

It started off as predicted – sunny but some dark clouds passed over us late morning with some sprinkles and again at the end of Quiet Hour with some real down pours but then the sun came out again and it was clear for the rest of the day!

Today was a normal day with many boys working on projects or awards.  The morning activities included tennis, woodshop, sailing, riflery, kayaking, climbing wall, canoeing, archery and of course instructional swim.

The laundry came back at the end of lunch.   The rain at the beginning of the first afternoon period temporarily postponed a few activities so some campers headed to the barn for board and card games until the rain passed.   Then everything was off and running again — archery, lacrosse, handicrafts (more tie-dying), paddleboard, nature, riflery, sailing, woodshop, tennis, water skiing, canoeing, soccer, and basketball.

Tonight, the Twilight Team play offs started with a “double header” —  Burger Kings and Dubious Pines planed on the field with Balbasaur and Lunch Losers playing on Beginner’s beach. Other activities included ultimate frisbee, soccer, games in the barn, canoeing, tennis, basketball, ping-pong, adirondack golf, and just hanging out.  No dips tonight as today is a bit cooler than it has been the last few days.

August 2nd, 2016

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Sunday morning was a late sleep.  After breakfast, it was back to the cabin for a longer cabin cleanup which includes changing the sheets and writing the mandatory Sunday letter!   Then off to chapel which was led by Jimmy Poulin who gave a great talk on being grateful and taking the time to appreciate what you have.

During Quiet Hour, the Head Counselors challenged the Seniors and Juniors to a soccer game. Campers who wanted to cheer on their counselors came to the field to watch.   When the bell rang at 2:30 to mark the beginning of activities, two groups headed to Wohelo for Sunday sailing and tennis.

At camp, it was a regular Sunday afternoon schedule  – choices included archery, canoeing, climbing wall, 12 & under soccer practice, handicrafts, kayaking, nature, riflery, sailing, 13 & under baseball practice, tennis and the annual T-hoops (basketball) tournament.  There was of course also swimming which felt great as it was a warm afternoon.

Followed by dinner, flag lowering and then Council Fire.

This morning, we woke to overcast skies.  The prediction was for off and on showers all day but we actually had only a few brief showers in the early afternoon.

During breakfast, a group of soccer players left to travel to a neighboring camp for a soccer tournament – they came back to camp for lunch but returned in the afternoon to play again and will go back again tomorrow morning.
Six-A-Side Soccer Team

Morning activities included beginner and regular water skiing, tennis, woodshop, sailing, riflery, nature, handicrafts and archery.  Everyone brought their laundry up on their way to lunch.

At the end of quiet hour, a 13 & under basketball team and an 11 & under soccer team left for two different neighboring camps.

During the first two activity periods, campers could chose between woodshop, sailing, riflery, paddle boarding, handicrafts, games in the hall and archery.   During Free Time, the Timanous T-Hoops continued with a very exciting final game.  There was also water polo, woodshop, riflery, handicrafts, soccer, riflery and more games in the hall.

At dinner, the Crows performed their “song” before going to Wohelo for Wohelo’s Council Fire where they performed again.   During dinner, it was announced that  due to a problem in the kitchen, there would be no dessert tonight so the campers were really surprised when they went outside and saw the ice cream truck!   The line moved quickly and everyone got an ice cream treat before heading off to the hall for a movie.

August 1st, 2016

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Saturday, July 30

This morning, a group of 23 campers and 11 counselors were up early, ate breakfast and were on their way to the neighboring town of Casco  to participate in the 48th annual Casco Day Road Race.  The 4 mile race has become a tradition at camp and everyone did great with some even placing in their age groups but this was the first time we’ve had a race walker! He actually finished well before many other participants!

Back at camp, it was a somewhat relaxing morning that started with a late sleep. It was also another perfect summer day. Activities this morning included archery, softball batting practice, handicrafts, nature, riflery, sailing, tennis, waterskiing, basketball, optional instructional swim all followed by free swim.

Part way through lunch, one of the counselors made an announcement and the rest of the counselors jumped up and started running around like wild gorillas which was to announce the Granddaddy Gorilla game to be played this afternoon. Earlier in the summer, we played Junior Granddaddy Gorilla when the campers hide and the counselors look for them so this afternoon, the counselors hid and the campers looked for them.  Counselors are worth varying points depending upon their rank (Aide, Junior, Senior, Heads) and then among each group, certain counselors are worth even more points.   Points are scored for the cabins and the winners will be announced tomorrow once the scores have been tallied.


It may look like today’s mail but it’s a “Gorilla” (i.e. counselor) hiding for Grandaddy Gorilla

There was a free swim when the game ended followed by a free time where activities included sailing, paddleboard, ping-pong, riflery, archery, handicrafts, tennis, kayaking, canoeing and a very exciting T-hoops basketball tournament.

When the bell rang to mark the end of free time, everyone headed to their cabin cookout site for Saturday night cookouts. Then it was a free evening with a Twilight League Double Header and another awesome summer day ended with a short dip before bed.

July 31st, 2016

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