100th Reunion

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It was truly a magical weekend with 380+ alums returning to help celebrate Timanous’ 100th summer!  

August 19th, 2017

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August 7

Another beautiful day!  A little chilly for those early morning dippers as the temp was 55 when the first bell rang at 7:15 but it didn’t take long to warm up.

Today was a “regular” camp day.   Lots of activities open this morning (riflery, archery, climbing wall, soccer, nature, handicrafts, fishing, sailing, wood shop, tennis and water skiing) and campers were busy finishing up projects and awards. It was a very active morning.   

Camper and counselors carried very heavy laundry bags up on their way to lunch as this is the last laundry.

This afternoon was also busy — archery, kayaking, soccer, handicrafts, paddle boarding, riflery, sailing, woodshop, tennis, water skiing, canoeing, nature, basketball.   The championship game of the TFFL (Timanous Flag Football League) was played during free time.  The Fastest Man races (lower bunkline, upper bunkline, and counselor races) was just before dinner and the Twilight League final game was played during Free Evening.   



August 7th, 2017

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August 6

There were no signs of yesterday’s rain by the time the first bell rang.  It was a beautiful, sunny day  –  a little cooler with the high only reaching 74 and some strong breezes but still gorgeous.

It was a typical Sunday morning with a late sleep, longer cabin cleanup with letter writing and sheet changing.  Then off to chapel which was led by Will Schoder who gave a great talk about Timanous friendships – it will be posted later this week.

During Quiet Hour, the Junior and Senior counselors challenged the Heads to a softball game. Campers had the option to stay in the cabin or watch the game.   The Juniors and Seniors won.

It was a busy afternoon with lots of choices – water skiing, tennis, basketball, sailing, riflery, paddle boarding, kayaking, handicrafts, soccer, baseball, climbing wall, canoeing, archery and wood shop.   Many campers were working hard to finish up projects and/or awards as there won’t be many more opportunities.  

After dinner, we had our regular Sunday night Council Fire which marks the end of another week. Very hard to believe camp ends in 3 days!    

August 6th, 2017

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August 5

Today was our first non-sunny day in quite awhile. It turned out better than predicted as up until Free Time, everything was able to go as planned which was important as there was a lot happening!

The day started as a normal Saturday with a late sleep. During the morning announcements, several counselors stood up to tell what was happening in their activity this morning but they were all decoys as the last counselor to stand up announced Capture the Flag! As always happens, the campers and counselors erupted in cheers.

After cabin cleanup, the gray and green teams assembled at the bottom of the hill. They played three separate games, all with a lot of action and then off to free swim.

This afternoon, the special activities were T-Hoops, a basketball tournament with 3 person teams, and blueberry jam making. In addition, there was archery, woodshop, soccer, handicrafts, writing articles for the Timanews, riflery, plus practice for the talent show. Although it was threatening rain most of the day, it held off until around 4PM, and then it was mostly shows but occasional down pours.

The last Saturday of the summer is traditionally Point Cookout where we all eat together on Crows Point rather than the individual cabin cookouts. Preparations began around 2:30 as all of the food has to be transported to Crows Point by boat. They began cooking the chicken around 4 but by 5, it was pouring rain so everything was brought back to the barn. Traditionally, there is a parade to Crows Point with the Mallards leading the way and the rest of the cabin falling in place. Crows is the last cabin and the Crows campers form a human tunnel by joining arms that everyone walks through on their way to the point. As we were no longer walking to the point, the Crows gathered in front of the barn to make the human tunnel which everyone walked through on their way to the delicious meal of barbecued chicken, fresh corn on the cob and the buttered buns. Even though it was eaten inside today (the first time in over 25 years that Point Cookout has been inside), it all still tasted great!

Then it was off to the hall for the Camper Talent show which was fantastic — there were a lot of talented campers! The show ended and everyone made it to their cabins before the rain started again. A great night for sleeping with the sound of rain on the roof.

August 5th, 2017

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Friday, August 4

Another almost perfect summer day!

This morning, activities included archery, football, handicrafts, kayaking, nature, riflery, wood shop, beginner water skiing and at instructional swim it was Disrobing which is a great safety skill plus lots of fun!   The campers arrived for swim wearing pants and a long sleeve shirt over their bathing suits.   The counselors explained the importance of knowing what to do if you find yourself in water wearing your clothing and the steps to follow to disrobe.   Then everyone jumped in.  The first thing they did was just get used to the feeling of being fully dressed in the water and see how quickly the clothing becomes heavy, making swimming more difficult.   Then they took off their pants and inflated them to use as a flotation device.   They then learned how to inflate their shirt and finally remove that also.  

This afternoon, it was Friday trips with a special activity — Timanous Flag Football League (TTFL). Everyone who wanted to play, which was about half the camp, was divided into teams of mixed ages and had a great time.  Other “trip” choices were a hike up Rattlesnake Mountain,  a Sailing trip and Frisbee.   Unfortunately about 15 minutes after the sailboats headed out and the hikers had started up the mountain, the skies darkened and thunder could be heard getting closer to camp.   The sailors and hikers wisely decided to cut their trips short and return to camp.   The storm actually never hit camp so the TTFL and frisbee were able to continue. 

The storm was no longer an issue for free swim, which was followed by Friday Candy and then free time with archery, riflery, wood shop, baseball, practice for the Music Show (happening Saturday evening), tennis, basketball, just to name a few. 

The kayak trip returned having spent a day white water rafting — everyone had a fantastic time and did an awesome job paddling! 

It was another perfect Free Evening with a Twilight league game, badminton, soccer, tennis, basketball, ping-pong, corn hole, ultimate frisbee, gaga ball.  As soon as everyone was in their cabin, it started to rain.  Perfect timing.  

August 4th, 2017

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August 3

The skies were clear and with a temperature of 68 when the first bell rang, the day started off much warmer than it has in weeks.  The high today was 85 – another beautiful summer day.

A group of sailors left half way through breakfast to travel to Winona Camp for a sailing regatta.  Morning announcements started with a guest drummer , Adam Issadore from Path to Rhythm, giving a brief demonstration of what participants in his morning workshops would be doing.   He quickly got everyone’s attention and a lot of interest!  

For those not drumming, activities included kayaking, archery, nature, riflery, wood shop and water skiing.   

This afternoon, a group left for New Hampshire where they will spend the night before  White Water Kayaking tomorrow. Afternoon activities included soccer, handicrafts, kayaking, paddle boarding, riflery, sailing, woodshop, water skiing, water polo, archery, the climbing wall, tennis and of course swims which were a welcome relief on a hot day.

It was another perfect night for a free evening.  There were two Twi-Light League games – one on the field and one on Beginner’s Beach, ultimate frisbee, ping-pong, soccer, tennis, basketball, and more.    When the final bell rang, everyone was off for a quick dip before getting ready for bed. 

August 3rd, 2017

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August 2

Yet another perfect day, at least for most of it!

At breakfast this morning, when it was announced that we’d be playing Capture the Flag today, the cheers were deafening  and the excitement carried right through cabin cleanup.   When the bell rang, everyone assembled at the bottom of the hill, decked out in their team’s colors. There were three very exciting games, lots of action, and lots of noise.   One of the younger campers managed to get the flag to win the game and he was carried off by the crowd.    When the games were over, it was off to free swim which was a great way to cool off.  

During the lunch announcements,  music started to play and the counselors got up and started dancing  – it didn’t take long for everyone to figure out it meant the Timanous/Wohelo dance would be tonight!  And again, the cheers were deafening.  

But there was a whole afternoon before the Wohelo campers would arrive and it was a busy afternoon. Available activities included archery, climbing wall, games on the field, nature, handicrafts, riflery, racing practice in sailing, wood shop, tennis and water skiing.  There were  a few specials during Free Time — tennis baseball, frisbee, and dance lessons for anyone who wanted to be ready for the dance!  

The girls arrived in the middle of Free Time, joined in some of the activities and then everyone lined up for a buffet dinner which is our regular Wednesday night Jimmy Buffet.  There was the distant rumble of thunder during flag lowering but the hope was it would hold off long enough for the dance which was set up on the basketball court so when flag lowering was over, the music started.   There were also activities on the field for anyone not participating in the dance.  The storm got a little too close about 30 minutes before the dance was to end so the barn was quickly cleared out and the DJ equipment moved inside and the dance resumed.  

August 2nd, 2017

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August 1 – Happy Birthday Camp Timanous!

Another perfect summer day from start to finish with highs in the mid-80s.  

This morning’s activities included archery, camp craft with fire building, soccer, handicrafts with basket weaving, nature, riflery, tennis and of course everyone had instructional swim. 

Everyone picked up their clean laundry after lunch on their way to their cabin. 

This afternoon,  special activities include paper airplane building, basket weaving, tie-dying, and practice for the talent show scheduled for this weekend.   Additional activities were archery, tennis, soccer, wood shop, sailing, canoeing and basketball. 

Tonight, we celebrated camp’s 100th birthday with a pizza party.   When lunch was over, we locked the barn doors, rearranged the tables and decorated for the party.  Everyone was surprised when the doors opened to see three long tables. Before grace was said, everyone automatically joined hands which was really neat.  There were many announcements through out dinner with little bits of history about the barn or camp in general and lots of cheers of  “To the Hundy”. Everyone sang Happy Birthday and enjoyed birthday cake!  

Then it was off to a free evening with two Twilight Leagues games plus Ultimate Frisbee, soccer, tennis, basketball, ping-pong, canoeing and more.   When the bell rang at 7:45, it was down to the cabins to get ready for bed but there was a quick dip first which always feels great on a hot night.  

August 1st, 2017

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July 31

Another cool night, in the high 50s but back up to 84 with sunny skies!

It was a regular Monday morning.  A group of soccer players left half way through breakfast to attend a Six-A-Side soccer tournament with 4 other camps at Camp Agawam.  Activities at camp included archery, article writing for the Timanews (camp newspaper), tie dying in Handicrafts, kayaking, riflery, sailing, woodshop, tennis, basketball and water skiing.  

The soccer team was back at camp for a quick lunch and then back to the tournament.  This afternoon, many of the same activities were available – tennis, woodshop, water skiing, sailing, riflery, paddle boarding, basket making in handicrafts, archery, soccer, canoeing and of course free swims. 

“Danny the Barber” arrived at the end of Free Time to give 28 campers and counselors haircuts.   Dan has been cutting hair at Timanous for 40+ years!  The soccer team arrived around the same time and will head back tomorrow to play again. 

During dinner, the Crows performed a song that they wrote and then went to Wohelo’s Council Fire to perform the same song. 

Shortly after that and while we were still in the barn, the skies darkened and our first thunderstorm in weeks rolled in so everyone stayed in the barn for some story telling and singing until the storm  passed. Luckily there was still time for a shortened Free Evening and a good chance to run around.   

IMG 1850 JPG 960x608

Six-A-Side Soccer Team

July 31st, 2017

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July 30 – Sunday

We are having a great stretch of  perfect summer days!   It cools down at night which makes for great sleeping weather but the days are sunny and warm.   Today’s high was 77 with bright sun. 

Today was a typical Sunday morning with a late sleep, flag raising, breakfast, longer cabin clean up with sheet changing and letter writing,  and chapel.   Jimmy  Poulin led a great chapel talk by telling us the story of Douglas Mawson’s expedition to Antarctica in 1912 and the perils he survived.  Jimmy urged us to think of all Mawson survived the next time we are dealing with physical or emotional stress as we all have within ourselves, the willpower to persevere.  

Lunch today was barbecued ribs — always a favorite but messy!   Before the after lunch announcements, everyone voted for the “Hall of Fame”.   The Hall of Fame dates back to the 1920s when the first leather shield was made.  The categories have changed as we no longer have “Biggest Eater” or “Most Fool Questions”  (not quite who came up with those) instead some of the categories are  Most Generous, Best at Table, Most Helpful.  The 2017 Hall will be unveiled at the awards ceremony on Wednesday, August 9th. 

Then it was back to the cabin for Quiet Hour.   When the bell rang at 2:30, three groups of campers headed to Big Wohelo for soccer, Sunday sailing and tennis; two groups went to Little Wohelo for archery and tennis.  They all took suits for a swim in Sebago Lake before returning.

Here at camp, it was a normal Sunday schedule — Free Time/Free Swim/Free Time.  During the first free time, available activities were archery, canoeing, soccer, tie dying in handicrafts, kayaking, nature, riflery, sailing, tennis, basketball and water skiing.  Then off to swim – a great afternoon for spending as much time as possible in the water.   The same activities were open for the second Free Time with the addition of paddle boarding.

Sunday evening is always Council Fire so after flag lowering, everyone lined up, crossed the road and headed to the Council Fire clearing.   The fire was quick to start,  awards earned this week were announced, sang a few songs, commendations were made to campers who did something special this week.  They can be for a good deed, helping, showing courage, etc. and then it was back across the road and down to the cabins.   A nice ending to a fantastic and busy week.  

July 30th, 2017

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