Sunday, July 24

Today, like many Sundays was a “late sleep” which means the first bell rang at 7:45 rather than 7:15.  It was another chilly morning for dips but looking ahead at the 10-day forecast, it may be the last for a while!   It was flag raising and breakfast as normal but the rest of the morning followed a Sunday schedule which includes a longer than normal cabin cleanup followed by chapel.   The longer cleanup allows time to change the sheets, extra sweeping and the required Sunday letter.   Todays letter, being the first letter of the summer,  was a little different as it is a postcard with your camper’s cabin picture.   

Our Sunday morning “chapel” service is non-denominational and led by a head counselor.   Todays, led by head counselor, Tommy, was on gratitude.  He opened it up for the audience to express what they were grateful for.  Campers and counselors took turns standing and saying a few words.  Many mentioned counselors or special camp friends that had helped them.  It was the perfect first chapel of the summer.   When possible, we post the chapel talks and links to past years can be found in the right hand column.  We will not be posting today’s because of the format. 

This afternoon was a normal afternoon with signups, swims and Free Time.  Activities open for all periods this afternoon included archery, baseball, soccer, handicrafts, nature, riflery, sailing, and woodshop.  During free time, additional activities included  basketball, ping -pong, gaga and games in the barn. 

After dinner, we continued with a Sunday schedule which includes Council Fire.  The entire camp walks to a clearing in the woods on the other side of the road where we form a large circle.  Dave starts the fire using a large spindle with the help of the campers pulling on a very long rope to turn the spindle.   Awards won during the week are announced and counselors make commendations for good deeds, helpfulness, good sportsmanship, etc.   It is a great way to end the week.  

Tomorrow, starts a very busy week, in addition to all of our regular activities,  6 cabins will go on their camping trips with Cardinals and Loons leaving tomorrow morning!  

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Sunday Chapel

June 24th, 2018

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Saturday June 24

We woke to another chilly morning but that didn’t deter the early morning dippers from jumping in the lake when the first bell rang at 7:15!  Dip or no dip, everyone gathered for flag raising followed by breakfast and another busy day began.   This morning was the last orientation period.  All first year Mallards went to riflery, Eagles & Hawks to sailing and Crogles, Herons & Loons to woodshop.   Returning campers, with the exception of the Crows, had an abbreviated orientation period with the lower bunkline going to archery & sailing and the upper bunkline to riflery and woodshop. The Crows could choose between soccer, the climbing wall and basketball. 

At the end of lunch, the Twilight League Teams were announced.  The Twilight League is a low key,  all camp softball league.  Every camper is assigned to a team and games are played during free evenings.  The season will kick off Monday but today, the teams and team names were announced with the coaches performing some crazy skits.  The Twilight League is a long  standing tradition and the crazier the names, the better!  This year’s teams include the Bushwhackers, The Forknifers, Mills & Co., Bamboozlers, Team Paiste, Mulch Mob, Boogie Monsters and Chill Cucumbers  — ask your son what team he is on.

With orientation complete, we had our first signups after lunch.  The activities available to sign up for were announced and included archery, riflery, nature, soccer, sailing, woodshop, basketball, and handicrafts.  The campers are dismissed from the barn by cabin to sign up for an activity and the dismissal order rotates to insure that campers have the chance to get their first choice of activities.   Once they signed up, it was back to their cabins for Quiet Hour.

When the bell rang at 2:30, the lower bunkline headed to free swim  while the upper bunkline headed to their signup activity.  They switched for second period with the upper bunkline heading to swim and the lower bunkline off to their activity.   The day continued to be on the cool side so for those boys who didn’t want to swim, there were some fun land games but most went swimming and reported that the water was warm.

There were a few showers during second period but a heavier rain started at the beginning of Free Time.  Most activities continue in the rain including riflery, handicrafts, basketball, ping pong, gaga ball and soccer.  Unfortunately the rain did close archery, sailing, tennis and the climbing wall but it was a good time for board games in the barn and games in the hall.   During Free Time, the campers can chose an activity, move between activities, hang out with friends, read, write letters, etc.  

The rain continued so our first Saturday night cabin cookouts became an all camp cookout in the barn.  Normally, on Saturdays, each cabin gathers at their cookout site and has dinner as a cabin but that’s not much fun in the rain.  The evening’s activity was going to be cabin activities, all of which would have been outside so instead everyone gathered in the hall for some singing and counselor performances.   Then it was off to the cabins to get ready for bed.  It was a great night for sleeping with the sound of the rain on the cabin roof.  

June 23rd, 2018

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First Full Day

It was a quiet night  (not even the loons were making any noise), but there was quite a large group of early risers who were up before the first bell and running the 1 mile loop through camp. There seemed to be a lot of excitement about the first full day and some, especially the younger campers,  found it hard to sleep once the sun came up.   Despite the early morning chill,  quite a few brave campers and counselors took a quick dip when the first bell rang at 7:15.  Others headed straight to the basketball courts, ping pong tables or gaga pit for a quick game before flag raising.  

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Lined up at Flag Raising

At the end of flag raising and before we entered the barn for breakfast, the first week’s tables were announced.  Everyone is assigned a table, usually with campers other than cabin mates, where they sit for a week.  Its a great way to meet many different people.   This mornings breakfast started with cold or hot cereal, fresh fruit, yogurt, make your own toast and was followed by hard boiled eggs and donuts from our local donut shop, Raymond Donuts.  

The morning schedule was announced at the end of breakfast and then it was down to the cabin for cabin cleanup before the morning activities.  

First year Mallards went to orientation in wood shop and archery; first year Eagles thru Hawks went to Archery and wood shop, first year Crogles thru Loons tried sailing and riflery.   The returning boys had a period of games on the field and then headed to the swim area where they played some fast moving games to warm up before a quick swim.   

After lunch, orientation continued with the new Mallards going to sailing, new Eagles thru Hawks to riflery and the new Crogles thru Loons to archery.  The returning campers had a very quick orientation in all 4 activities (riflery, archery, sailing and woodshop) .   Everyone had an afternoon swim which included a swim test for the new boys.  

At the beginning of Free Time, everyone lined up for FRIDAY CANDY which happens every Friday and is a long standing  tradition which originally required the campers hiking to a local store for penny candy.  The roads are no longer considered safe for a group hike and so the candy is brought into camp.   Then it was off for Free Time with a choice of  activities including archery, game on the field, archery, riflery, sailing, woodshop, games in the hall, games on the field, tennis, basketball, etc.  

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Friday Candy

We had a delicious pizza dinner, followed by flag lowering and then cabin activities.  Everyone should have been pretty tired when they headed to the cabin when the bell rang at 7:15!  A great first day.   

June 22nd, 2018

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Opening Day 2018

We couldn’t have asked for a better opening day!   Sunny and warm but not hot.  A steady stream of campers arrived all afternoon, the last group being the bus from Tarrytown which pulled in around 4:30.  It was great fun to greet both returning campers and new campers.  Everyone checked in with the nurses, had a quick head check  before heading to their cabin to get settled.  There was a swim at 4; new campers had a tour at 5; and then dinner at 6 after which everyone headed to the hall for an all camp meeting followed by counselors skits.  Then down to the cabins for cabin meetings before bedtime.   We are so excited to have the 2018 summer underway!

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June 21st, 2018

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100th Reunion

100th Anniversary Group Photo 960x298

It was truly a magical weekend with 380+ alums returning to help celebrate Timanous’ 100th summer!  

August 19th, 2017

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August 7

Another beautiful day!  A little chilly for those early morning dippers as the temp was 55 when the first bell rang at 7:15 but it didn’t take long to warm up.

Today was a “regular” camp day.   Lots of activities open this morning (riflery, archery, climbing wall, soccer, nature, handicrafts, fishing, sailing, wood shop, tennis and water skiing) and campers were busy finishing up projects and awards. It was a very active morning.   

Camper and counselors carried very heavy laundry bags up on their way to lunch as this is the last laundry.

This afternoon was also busy — archery, kayaking, soccer, handicrafts, paddle boarding, riflery, sailing, woodshop, tennis, water skiing, canoeing, nature, basketball.   The championship game of the TFFL (Timanous Flag Football League) was played during free time.  The Fastest Man races (lower bunkline, upper bunkline, and counselor races) was just before dinner and the Twilight League final game was played during Free Evening.   



August 7th, 2017

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August 6

There were no signs of yesterday’s rain by the time the first bell rang.  It was a beautiful, sunny day  –  a little cooler with the high only reaching 74 and some strong breezes but still gorgeous.

It was a typical Sunday morning with a late sleep, longer cabin cleanup with letter writing and sheet changing.  Then off to chapel which was led by Will Schoder who gave a great talk about Timanous friendships – it will be posted later this week.

During Quiet Hour, the Junior and Senior counselors challenged the Heads to a softball game. Campers had the option to stay in the cabin or watch the game.   The Juniors and Seniors won.

It was a busy afternoon with lots of choices – water skiing, tennis, basketball, sailing, riflery, paddle boarding, kayaking, handicrafts, soccer, baseball, climbing wall, canoeing, archery and wood shop.   Many campers were working hard to finish up projects and/or awards as there won’t be many more opportunities.  

After dinner, we had our regular Sunday night Council Fire which marks the end of another week. Very hard to believe camp ends in 3 days!    

August 6th, 2017

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August 5

Today was our first non-sunny day in quite awhile. It turned out better than predicted as up until Free Time, everything was able to go as planned which was important as there was a lot happening!

The day started as a normal Saturday with a late sleep. During the morning announcements, several counselors stood up to tell what was happening in their activity this morning but they were all decoys as the last counselor to stand up announced Capture the Flag! As always happens, the campers and counselors erupted in cheers.

After cabin cleanup, the gray and green teams assembled at the bottom of the hill. They played three separate games, all with a lot of action and then off to free swim.

This afternoon, the special activities were T-Hoops, a basketball tournament with 3 person teams, and blueberry jam making. In addition, there was archery, woodshop, soccer, handicrafts, writing articles for the Timanews, riflery, plus practice for the talent show. Although it was threatening rain most of the day, it held off until around 4PM, and then it was mostly shows but occasional down pours.

The last Saturday of the summer is traditionally Point Cookout where we all eat together on Crows Point rather than the individual cabin cookouts. Preparations began around 2:30 as all of the food has to be transported to Crows Point by boat. They began cooking the chicken around 4 but by 5, it was pouring rain so everything was brought back to the barn. Traditionally, there is a parade to Crows Point with the Mallards leading the way and the rest of the cabin falling in place. Crows is the last cabin and the Crows campers form a human tunnel by joining arms that everyone walks through on their way to the point. As we were no longer walking to the point, the Crows gathered in front of the barn to make the human tunnel which everyone walked through on their way to the delicious meal of barbecued chicken, fresh corn on the cob and the buttered buns. Even though it was eaten inside today (the first time in over 25 years that Point Cookout has been inside), it all still tasted great!

Then it was off to the hall for the Camper Talent show which was fantastic — there were a lot of talented campers! The show ended and everyone made it to their cabins before the rain started again. A great night for sleeping with the sound of rain on the roof.

August 5th, 2017

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Friday, August 4

Another almost perfect summer day!

This morning, activities included archery, football, handicrafts, kayaking, nature, riflery, wood shop, beginner water skiing and at instructional swim it was Disrobing which is a great safety skill plus lots of fun!   The campers arrived for swim wearing pants and a long sleeve shirt over their bathing suits.   The counselors explained the importance of knowing what to do if you find yourself in water wearing your clothing and the steps to follow to disrobe.   Then everyone jumped in.  The first thing they did was just get used to the feeling of being fully dressed in the water and see how quickly the clothing becomes heavy, making swimming more difficult.   Then they took off their pants and inflated them to use as a flotation device.   They then learned how to inflate their shirt and finally remove that also.  

This afternoon, it was Friday trips with a special activity — Timanous Flag Football League (TTFL). Everyone who wanted to play, which was about half the camp, was divided into teams of mixed ages and had a great time.  Other “trip” choices were a hike up Rattlesnake Mountain,  a Sailing trip and Frisbee.   Unfortunately about 15 minutes after the sailboats headed out and the hikers had started up the mountain, the skies darkened and thunder could be heard getting closer to camp.   The sailors and hikers wisely decided to cut their trips short and return to camp.   The storm actually never hit camp so the TTFL and frisbee were able to continue. 

The storm was no longer an issue for free swim, which was followed by Friday Candy and then free time with archery, riflery, wood shop, baseball, practice for the Music Show (happening Saturday evening), tennis, basketball, just to name a few. 

The kayak trip returned having spent a day white water rafting — everyone had a fantastic time and did an awesome job paddling! 

It was another perfect Free Evening with a Twilight league game, badminton, soccer, tennis, basketball, ping-pong, corn hole, ultimate frisbee, gaga ball.  As soon as everyone was in their cabin, it started to rain.  Perfect timing.  

August 4th, 2017

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August 3

The skies were clear and with a temperature of 68 when the first bell rang, the day started off much warmer than it has in weeks.  The high today was 85 – another beautiful summer day.

A group of sailors left half way through breakfast to travel to Winona Camp for a sailing regatta.  Morning announcements started with a guest drummer , Adam Issadore from Path to Rhythm, giving a brief demonstration of what participants in his morning workshops would be doing.   He quickly got everyone’s attention and a lot of interest!  

For those not drumming, activities included kayaking, archery, nature, riflery, wood shop and water skiing.   

This afternoon, a group left for New Hampshire where they will spend the night before  White Water Kayaking tomorrow. Afternoon activities included soccer, handicrafts, kayaking, paddle boarding, riflery, sailing, woodshop, water skiing, water polo, archery, the climbing wall, tennis and of course swims which were a welcome relief on a hot day.

It was another perfect night for a free evening.  There were two Twi-Light League games – one on the field and one on Beginner’s Beach, ultimate frisbee, ping-pong, soccer, tennis, basketball, and more.    When the final bell rang, everyone was off for a quick dip before getting ready for bed. 

August 3rd, 2017

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