Capture the Flag!

One of the days campers most anticipate finally arrived. The morning started in its typical rhythms, with a 7:45 bell (“late” sleep on the weekends), dips, and breakfast in the barn. Nick Leyden, who manages the daily program, even gave an overview of a regular Saturday morning schedule… until he unexpectedly announced that this would not be a standard Saturday: we were playing the first capture the flag games of the summer!

The barn erupted in the loudest cheers yet for the exciting game ahead. For the uninitiated, the entire camp is split into two teams, Green and Grey, and you keep that team for your entire career at Timanous. During cabin cleanup, campers donned uniforms that would distinguish themselves as either green or grey (with some particularly ardent Greens going in full camouflage). When the bell rang, everyone gathered at the bottom of Infirmary Hill where Nick explained the rules and boundaries. We played two every exciting games, with the flags getting moved several times and jails broken left and right, each time prompting cheers from the advancing team and wild sprints back to the line for another attack at the flag.

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Each game ended in a 0-0 tie; in other words, a classic Timanous defensive struggle. Campers will be sure to spend the time before the next game devising the perfect strategy to get the flag across. Right after the games, though, it was all good sportsmanship and camaraderie, as each team grouped up to cheer on the other team for a great effort. Campers and counselors walked together down the wooded paths to get ready for post-C-flag swim, the colors of green and grey mingling once again.

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Escaping with the flag

Friday Trips was another notable activity we had this week. Instead of our normal signups and free swim periods, campers got to choose between four special options: a hike up Rattlesnake Mountain, sailing out of our cove into the big part of the lake, a canoe trip to Hawthorne Point, or watching the World Cup game between USA and France. Aside from the excitement of doing something out of the ordinary, Friday Trips are also a great time to get to know other campers you might not otherwise have crossed paths with. And as always, the afternoon schedule was capped off with Friday candy and a relaxing free time.

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The Timanous fleet out on the open waters

More stories and photos to come from other fun weekend events, including singing in the Hall and the always-popular evening dips after several hot Maine summer days. The bell rang for lunch a few minutes ago, and campers filed into the Barn just in time before some rolling thunder, which will hopefully pass soon so we can head back outside for more fun.

June 30th, 2019

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