Beach Day!

Our Wednesday morning was a slightly different routine, with campers tidying their areas before breakfast so they could stay up at the Barn after breakfast. It was beach day! Everyone piled into buses for the trek down to the coast and Scarborough Beach State Park. It was a hazy day, but the sun shone through and like the Timanous maxim says, it burned off (don’t worry parents, sunscreen was copiously applied throughout the day).

As it was low tide, there was lots of space to roam and look for cool rocks and seashells, plop on a towel, play soccer and frisbee, or just wade into the water for a quick dip. The experienced (and not-so-experienced) could be seen practicing the fine art of body surfing.

IMG 0193 300x225

Going in for round two!

A favorite activity was walking up and down the beach, whether in pairs or larger packs. When it came time for lunch, apparently the local seagulls got the message too, and they swarmed to try and get their beaks on our ham & cheese and sun butter & jelly sandwiches. Perhaps they were going for the mythical everything-sandwich (ham/cheese/sun butter/jelly). Luckily the campers and counselors won out and had their fill.

The Crows continued their normal routine of bonding with each other and their counselors, including judging the annual sandcastle contest. Winners and honorable mentions for the lower (younger five cabins) and upper (older five cabins) bunklines were announced the following day. For everyone else, there’s always next year.

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Crafting the ultimate sandcastle

After the journey home (riding buses with sun-warmed skin and sometimes-sandy bathing suits), everyone took a dip in Panther Pond, which felt all the warmer after the cold Atlantic Ocean.

That evening we hosted visitors from Wohelo for brother-sister day, coinciding with our Wednesday staple of Jimmy Buffet. As always, camp played the gracious host as pairs of relatives were invited to go first in line as our honored guests. We look forward to more times to get together in the second half of the summer.

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Always fun to host our Wohelo friends and family


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July 11th, 2019

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