August 5

Today was our first non-sunny day in quite awhile. It turned out better than predicted as up until Free Time, everything was able to go as planned which was important as there was a lot happening!

The day started as a normal Saturday with a late sleep. During the morning announcements, several counselors stood up to tell what was happening in their activity this morning but they were all decoys as the last counselor to stand up announced Capture the Flag! As always happens, the campers and counselors erupted in cheers.

After cabin cleanup, the gray and green teams assembled at the bottom of the hill. They played three separate games, all with a lot of action and then off to free swim.

This afternoon, the special activities were T-Hoops, a basketball tournament with 3 person teams, and blueberry jam making. In addition, there was archery, woodshop, soccer, handicrafts, writing articles for the Timanews, riflery, plus practice for the talent show. Although it was threatening rain most of the day, it held off until around 4PM, and then it was mostly shows but occasional down pours.

The last Saturday of the summer is traditionally Point Cookout where we all eat together on Crows Point rather than the individual cabin cookouts. Preparations began around 2:30 as all of the food has to be transported to Crows Point by boat. They began cooking the chicken around 4 but by 5, it was pouring rain so everything was brought back to the barn. Traditionally, there is a parade to Crows Point with the Mallards leading the way and the rest of the cabin falling in place. Crows is the last cabin and the Crows campers form a human tunnel by joining arms that everyone walks through on their way to the point. As we were no longer walking to the point, the Crows gathered in front of the barn to make the human tunnel which everyone walked through on their way to the delicious meal of barbecued chicken, fresh corn on the cob and the buttered buns. Even though it was eaten inside today (the first time in over 25 years that Point Cookout has been inside), it all still tasted great!

Then it was off to the hall for the Camper Talent show which was fantastic — there were a lot of talented campers! The show ended and everyone made it to their cabins before the rain started again. A great night for sleeping with the sound of rain on the roof.

August 5th, 2017

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