August 2

Yet another perfect day, at least for most of it!

At breakfast this morning, when it was announced that we’d be playing Capture the Flag today, the cheers were deafening  and the excitement carried right through cabin cleanup.   When the bell rang, everyone assembled at the bottom of the hill, decked out in their team’s colors. There were three very exciting games, lots of action, and lots of noise.   One of the younger campers managed to get the flag to win the game and he was carried off by the crowd.    When the games were over, it was off to free swim which was a great way to cool off.  

During the lunch announcements,  music started to play and the counselors got up and started dancing  – it didn’t take long for everyone to figure out it meant the Timanous/Wohelo dance would be tonight!  And again, the cheers were deafening.  

But there was a whole afternoon before the Wohelo campers would arrive and it was a busy afternoon. Available activities included archery, climbing wall, games on the field, nature, handicrafts, riflery, racing practice in sailing, wood shop, tennis and water skiing.  There were  a few specials during Free Time — tennis baseball, frisbee, and dance lessons for anyone who wanted to be ready for the dance!  

The girls arrived in the middle of Free Time, joined in some of the activities and then everyone lined up for a buffet dinner which is our regular Wednesday night Jimmy Buffet.  There was the distant rumble of thunder during flag lowering but the hope was it would hold off long enough for the dance which was set up on the basketball court so when flag lowering was over, the music started.   There were also activities on the field for anyone not participating in the dance.  The storm got a little too close about 30 minutes before the dance was to end so the barn was quickly cleared out and the DJ equipment moved inside and the dance resumed.  

August 2nd, 2017

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