Sailing the Hunter JY15s on Panther Pond at Camp Timanous

Location & Settings

Situated approximately twenty-five miles from Portland at the north end of Panther Pond, Camp Timanous is untouched by immediate city life but near enough to Portland to take advantage of every city facility. The airport provides easy connections to major cities while driving time from Boston is less than three hours and six from New York.

Timanous owns 175 acres of land, most of it heavily timbered with pine. Nearly a half-mile of shorefront includes a sheltered cove, beaches, and deep water for safe diving. Directly in back of the living area rises at 1,000 foot mountain, which offers a broad vista of the entire Sebago area.

The name Panther “Pond” can be deceiving as the lake stretches four miles from our canoe dock to the picturesque village of Raymond, where it joins Sebago Lake. With no public boat launch, there is very little traffic on the lake.

The residential cabins are located along the waterfront and tall pine trees provide cooling shade. An active outdoor lifestyle provides a healthy complement to the beautiful surroundings.

The path along the lake by the canoe docks at Camp Timanous
Sunset over the swim docks at Camp Timanous
Camp Timanous sign by the playing fields
A great place for reading at Camp Timanous