Walking the bunk line at Camp Timanous


Timanous boys have always reveled in the natural environment unencumbered by modern distractions allowing personal relations to develop without complications from material goods. Camp life is not self-consciously or synthetically simple but naturally so in keeping with its setting. Camp is not meant as a novelty or antidote for our frenetic modern society but as another door to understanding the world in which we live. The camp has all the modern conveniences but they are not found in the camper’s cabins. Lighting is natural or provided by lantern and flashlight, spoken stories replace recorded entertainment and sunsets supplant TV sets.

A primary principle at Timanous is the belief in the role and rights of the individual. We believe that group activities are essential to a boy’s development, that he must learn “give and take”, cooperation, interdependence, but that these should never overwhelm the individual. Boys and counselors live together in large rustic cabins in a sharing, sympathetic environment.

Playing Cards in the cabins at Camp TimanousCabin Cleanup at Camp TimanousReady for Bed at Camp Timanous