Swim Docks during a swim meet at Camp Timanous


Timanous is not a luxury camp. We live in wooden cabins without electricity lit only by natural light, kerosene lanterns and flashlights. Each camper has a bed and keeps his belongings in a footlocker at the end of his bed. The cabins are spacious and 3 or 4 counselors live in each cabin with the campers.

All the modern conveniences are available in our office, health center and dining hall. Bathrooms are in separate buildings located near the cabins and have regular flush toilets and private stalls. Each cabin uses a shower house regularly.

Every activity has a complete supply of the equipment necessary for all ages to participate and is thoroughly checked daily for safety and maintained in good working order. New equipment is added each year. The camp provides all equipment necessary to participate in the activities. However, some campers prefer to bring their own personal items like tennis racquets, lacrosse sticks, baseball gloves etc.

Concentrating on a project in the wood shop at Camp TimanousInside a cabin at Camp Timanous