A Perfect Summer Day for Chapel and Council Fire

It’s pretty dreamy around Camp Timanous these days. Cool summer nights (great for sleeping!), crisp mornings with dew on the grass, warm sunshine in the afternoons, and golden hours in the evenings. Even though the camp season is only a few days in, it feels like endless summer already.

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Lots of fun to be had out on the water and under the sun

A Saturday night tradition continued with each cabin heading to their very own cookout site to grill burgers over an open fire. It was a great time for cabin-mates to bond and maybe even try their hand at some home cooking. The fun continued afterwards with cabin activities, which as a general rule include some of the most creative games you could imagine (tennis? baseball? how about tennis baseball!).

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Fire-grilled burgers just taste better

Yet another camper favorite followed soon after: the Twilight League announcements. Each year, every camper gets placed on a team to play in informal softball games during free evenings throughout the summer, and on Sunday afternoon the counselor coaches performed skits to reveal their team name. While the “actors” may not be on Saturday Night Live anytime soon, the laughter from the barn could probably be heard on the other side of Panther Pond.
In between meals and announcements, campers are starting to settle in to their favorite activities. Whether it is pursuing awards in activities like riflery, archery, or sailing, or making projects in woodshop or handicrafts, the opportunities that Timanous boys seek out are always engaging.
handicrafts 300x225

Campers getting creative at handicrafts

Sunday was also a time for reflection and gratitude. Mike “Congo” Congleton gave a moving Chapel talk, which invited campers and counselors alike to be more mindful of the people and places around them. In the evening, we gathered in our Council Fire circle and created the first spark of the 2019 season. Deserving campers were recognized in front of their peers in counselor commendations, and Garth offered his own words of reflection. Among many other important things, he said it’s the traditions and the people that cultivate them that makes Timanous so special.

council fire 300x225

Boys in grey and counselors in green close out Council Fire together

We’re on to our first full week of camp. This morning, two camping trips went out: Falcons for a hiking trip to Mt. Blue State Park and Ravens for a canoe trip on Umbagog Lake. Stay tuned for upcoming posts about other departing trips and in-camp happenings. It’s going to be a great summer.

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June 24th, 2019

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